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func Prune

func Prune(obj interface{}, s *structuralschema.Structural, isResourceRoot bool)

Prune is equivalent to PruneWithOptions(obj, s, isResourceRoot, PruneOptions{})

func PruneWithOptions added in v0.23.0

func PruneWithOptions(obj interface{}, s *structuralschema.Structural, isResourceRoot bool, opts PruneOptions) []string

PruneWithOptions removes object fields in obj which are not specified in s. It skips TypeMeta and ObjectMeta fields if XEmbeddedResource is set to true, or for the root if isResourceRoot=true, i.e. it does not prune unknown metadata fields. It returns the set of fields that it prunes if opts.ReturnPruned is true


type PruneOptions added in v0.23.0

type PruneOptions struct {

	// ReturnPruned defines whether we want to track the
	// fields that are pruned
	ReturnPruned bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PruneOptions sets options for pruning unknown fields

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