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Package to keep track of API Versions that can be registered and are enabled in a Scheme.



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type APIRegistrationManager

type APIRegistrationManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

APIRegistrationManager provides the concept of what API groups are enabled.

TODO: currently, it also provides a "registered" concept. But it's wrong to have both concepts in the same object. Therefore the "announced" package is going to take over the registered concept. After all the install packages are switched to using the announce package instead of this package, then we can combine the registered/enabled concepts in this object. Simplifying this isn't easy right now because there are so many callers of this package.

func NewAPIRegistrationManager

func NewAPIRegistrationManager(kubeAPIVersions string) (*APIRegistrationManager, error)

NewAPIRegistrationManager constructs a new manager. The argument ought to be the value of the KUBE_API_VERSIONS env var, or a value of this which you wish to test.

func NewOrDie

func NewOrDie(kubeAPIVersions string) *APIRegistrationManager

func (*APIRegistrationManager) AllPreferredGroupVersions

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) AllPreferredGroupVersions() string

AllPreferredGroupVersions returns the preferred versions of all registered groups in the form of "group1/version1,group2/version2,..."

func (*APIRegistrationManager) EnableVersions

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) EnableVersions(versions ...schema.GroupVersion) error

EnableVersions adds the versions for the given group to the list of enabled versions. Note that the caller should call RegisterGroup before calling this method. The caller of this function is responsible to add the versions to scheme and RESTMapper.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) EnabledVersions

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) EnabledVersions() []schema.GroupVersion

EnabledVersions returns all enabled versions. Groups are randomly ordered, but versions within groups are priority order from best to worst

func (*APIRegistrationManager) EnabledVersionsForGroup

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) EnabledVersionsForGroup(group string) []schema.GroupVersion

EnabledVersionsForGroup returns all enabled versions for a group in order of best to worst

func (*APIRegistrationManager) Group

Group returns the metadata of a group if the group is registered, otherwise an error is returned.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) GroupOrDie

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) GroupOrDie(group string) *apimachinery.GroupMeta

TODO: This is an expedient function, because we don't check if a Group is supported throughout the code base. We will abandon this function and checking the error returned by the Group() function.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) InterfacesFor

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) InterfacesFor(version schema.GroupVersion) (*meta.VersionInterfaces, error)

InterfacesFor is a union meta.VersionInterfacesFunc func for all registered types

func (*APIRegistrationManager) IsAllowedVersion

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) IsAllowedVersion(v schema.GroupVersion) bool

IsAllowedVersion returns if the version is allowed by the KUBE_API_VERSIONS environment variable. If the environment variable is empty, then it always returns true.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) IsEnabledVersion

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) IsEnabledVersion(v schema.GroupVersion) bool

IsEnabledVersion returns if a version is enabled.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) IsRegistered

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) IsRegistered(group string) bool

IsRegistered takes a string and determines if it's one of the registered groups

func (*APIRegistrationManager) IsRegisteredVersion

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) IsRegisteredVersion(v schema.GroupVersion) bool

IsRegisteredVersion returns if a version is registered.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) RESTMapper

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) RESTMapper(versionPatterns ...schema.GroupVersion) meta.RESTMapper

RESTMapper returns a union RESTMapper of all known types with priorities chosen in the following order:

1. if KUBE_API_VERSIONS is specified, then KUBE_API_VERSIONS in order, OR
1. legacy kube group preferred version, extensions preferred version, metrics perferred version, legacy
   kube any version, extensions any version, metrics any version, all other groups alphabetical preferred version,
   all other groups alphabetical.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) RegisterGroup

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) RegisterGroup(groupMeta apimachinery.GroupMeta) error

RegisterGroup adds the given group to the list of registered groups.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) RegisterVersions

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) RegisterVersions(availableVersions []schema.GroupVersion)

RegisterVersions adds the given group versions to the list of registered group versions.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) RegisteredGroupVersions

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) RegisteredGroupVersions() []schema.GroupVersion

RegisteredGroupVersions returns all registered group versions.

func (*APIRegistrationManager) ValidateEnvRequestedVersions

func (m *APIRegistrationManager) ValidateEnvRequestedVersions() []schema.GroupVersion

ValidateEnvRequestedVersions returns a list of versions that are requested in the KUBE_API_VERSIONS environment variable, but not enabled.

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