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const UninitializedStatusUpdateErrorMsg string = `must not update status when the object is uninitialized`


var FieldManagerMaxLength = 128

func ValidateCondition

func ValidateCondition(condition metav1.Condition, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

func ValidateConditions

func ValidateConditions(conditions []metav1.Condition, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

func ValidateCreateOptions

func ValidateCreateOptions(options *metav1.CreateOptions) field.ErrorList

func ValidateDeleteOptions

func ValidateDeleteOptions(options *metav1.DeleteOptions) field.ErrorList

func ValidateDryRun

func ValidateDryRun(fldPath *field.Path, dryRun []string) field.ErrorList

ValidateDryRun validates that a dryRun query param only contains allowed values.

func ValidateFieldManager

func ValidateFieldManager(fieldManager string, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

ValidateFieldManager valides that the fieldManager is the proper length and only has printable characters.

func ValidateLabelName

func ValidateLabelName(labelName string, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

ValidateLabelName validates that the label name is correctly defined.

func ValidateLabelSelector

func ValidateLabelSelector(ps *metav1.LabelSelector, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

func ValidateLabelSelectorRequirement

func ValidateLabelSelectorRequirement(sr metav1.LabelSelectorRequirement, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

func ValidateLabels

func ValidateLabels(labels map[string]string, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

ValidateLabels validates that a set of labels are correctly defined.

func ValidateManagedFields

func ValidateManagedFields(fieldsList []metav1.ManagedFieldsEntry, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

func ValidatePatchOptions

func ValidatePatchOptions(options *metav1.PatchOptions, patchType types.PatchType) field.ErrorList

func ValidateTableOptions

func ValidateTableOptions(opts *metav1.TableOptions) field.ErrorList

ValidateTableOptions returns any invalid flags on TableOptions.

func ValidateUpdateOptions

func ValidateUpdateOptions(options *metav1.UpdateOptions) field.ErrorList
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