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Package handlers contains HTTP handlers to implement the apiserver APIs.



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const (

	// DuplicateOwnerReferencesWarningFormat is the warning that a client receives when a create/update request contains
	// duplicate owner reference entries.
	DuplicateOwnerReferencesWarningFormat = "" /* 201-byte string literal not displayed */
	// DuplicateOwnerReferencesAfterMutatingAdmissionWarningFormat indicates the duplication was observed
	// after mutating admission.
	// NOTE: For CREATE and UPDATE requests the API server dedups both before and after mutating admission.
	// For PATCH request the API server only dedups after mutating admission.
	DuplicateOwnerReferencesAfterMutatingAdmissionWarningFormat = "" /* 234-byte string literal not displayed */



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func ConnectResource

func ConnectResource(connecter rest.Connecter, scope *RequestScope, admit admission.Interface, restPath string, isSubresource bool) http.HandlerFunc

ConnectResource returns a function that handles a connect request on a rest.Storage object.

func CreateNamedResource

func CreateNamedResource(r rest.NamedCreater, scope *RequestScope, admission admission.Interface) http.HandlerFunc

CreateNamedResource returns a function that will handle a resource creation with name.

func CreateResource

func CreateResource(r rest.Creater, scope *RequestScope, admission admission.Interface) http.HandlerFunc

CreateResource returns a function that will handle a resource creation.

func DeleteCollection

func DeleteCollection(r rest.CollectionDeleter, checkBody bool, scope *RequestScope, admit admission.Interface) http.HandlerFunc

DeleteCollection returns a function that will handle a collection deletion

func DeleteResource

func DeleteResource(r rest.GracefulDeleter, allowsOptions bool, scope *RequestScope, admit admission.Interface) http.HandlerFunc

DeleteResource returns a function that will handle a resource deletion TODO admission here becomes solely validating admission

func GetResource

func GetResource(r rest.Getter, scope *RequestScope) http.HandlerFunc

GetResource returns a function that handles retrieving a single resource from a rest.Storage object.

func GetResourceWithOptions

func GetResourceWithOptions(r rest.GetterWithOptions, scope *RequestScope, isSubresource bool) http.HandlerFunc

GetResourceWithOptions returns a function that handles retrieving a single resource from a rest.Storage object.

func ListResource

func ListResource(r rest.Lister, rw rest.Watcher, scope *RequestScope, forceWatch bool, minRequestTimeout time.Duration) http.HandlerFunc

func PatchResource

func PatchResource(r rest.Patcher, scope *RequestScope, admit admission.Interface, patchTypes []string) http.HandlerFunc

PatchResource returns a function that will handle a resource patch.

func UpdateResource

func UpdateResource(r rest.Updater, scope *RequestScope, admit admission.Interface) http.HandlerFunc

UpdateResource returns a function that will handle a resource update


type ContextBasedNaming

type ContextBasedNaming struct {
	Namer         runtime.Namer
	ClusterScoped bool

func (ContextBasedNaming) Name

func (n ContextBasedNaming) Name(req *http.Request) (namespace, name string, err error)

func (ContextBasedNaming) Namespace

func (n ContextBasedNaming) Namespace(req *http.Request) (namespace string, err error)

func (ContextBasedNaming) ObjectName

func (n ContextBasedNaming) ObjectName(obj runtime.Object) (namespace, name string, err error)

type RequestScope

type RequestScope struct {
	Namer ScopeNamer

	Serializer runtime.NegotiatedSerializer

	// StandardSerializers, if set, restricts which serializers can be used when
	// we aren't transforming the output (into Table or PartialObjectMetadata).
	// Used only by CRDs which do not yet support Protobuf.
	StandardSerializers []runtime.SerializerInfo

	Creater         runtime.ObjectCreater
	Convertor       runtime.ObjectConvertor
	Defaulter       runtime.ObjectDefaulter
	Typer           runtime.ObjectTyper
	UnsafeConvertor runtime.ObjectConvertor
	Authorizer      authorizer.Authorizer

	EquivalentResourceMapper runtime.EquivalentResourceMapper

	TableConvertor rest.TableConvertor
	FieldManager   *fieldmanager.FieldManager

	Resource schema.GroupVersionResource
	Kind     schema.GroupVersionKind

	// AcceptsGroupVersionDelegate is an optional delegate that can be queried about whether a given GVK
	// can be accepted in create or update requests. If nil, only scope.Kind is accepted.
	// Note that this does not enable multi-version support for reads from a single endpoint.
	AcceptsGroupVersionDelegate rest.GroupVersionAcceptor

	Subresource string

	MetaGroupVersion schema.GroupVersion

	// HubGroupVersion indicates what version objects read from etcd or incoming requests should be converted to for in-memory handling.
	HubGroupVersion schema.GroupVersion

	MaxRequestBodyBytes int64

RequestScope encapsulates common fields across all RESTful handler methods.

func (*RequestScope) AcceptsGroupVersion added in v0.22.0

func (scope *RequestScope) AcceptsGroupVersion(gv schema.GroupVersion) bool

AcceptsGroupVersion returns true if the specified GroupVersion is allowed in create and update requests.

func (*RequestScope) AllowsMediaTypeTransform

func (scope *RequestScope) AllowsMediaTypeTransform(mimeType, mimeSubType string, gvk *schema.GroupVersionKind) bool

func (*RequestScope) AllowsServerVersion

func (scope *RequestScope) AllowsServerVersion(version string) bool

func (*RequestScope) AllowsStreamSchema

func (scope *RequestScope) AllowsStreamSchema(s string) bool

func (*RequestScope) GetEquivalentResourceMapper

func (r *RequestScope) GetEquivalentResourceMapper() runtime.EquivalentResourceMapper

func (*RequestScope) GetObjectConvertor

func (r *RequestScope) GetObjectConvertor() runtime.ObjectConvertor

func (*RequestScope) GetObjectCreater

func (r *RequestScope) GetObjectCreater() runtime.ObjectCreater

func (*RequestScope) GetObjectDefaulter

func (r *RequestScope) GetObjectDefaulter() runtime.ObjectDefaulter

func (*RequestScope) GetObjectTyper

func (r *RequestScope) GetObjectTyper() runtime.ObjectTyper

type ScopeNamer

type ScopeNamer interface {
	// Namespace returns the appropriate namespace value from the request (may be empty) or an
	// error.
	Namespace(req *http.Request) (namespace string, err error)
	// Name returns the name from the request, and an optional namespace value if this is a namespace
	// scoped call. An error is returned if the name is not available.
	Name(req *http.Request) (namespace, name string, err error)
	// ObjectName returns the namespace and name from an object if they exist, or an error if the object
	// does not support names.
	ObjectName(obj runtime.Object) (namespace, name string, err error)

ScopeNamer handles accessing names from requests and objects

type TimeoutFactory

type TimeoutFactory interface {
	TimeoutCh() (<-chan time.Time, func() bool)

timeoutFactory abstracts watch timeout logic for testing

type WatchServer

type WatchServer struct {
	Watching watch.Interface
	Scope    *RequestScope

	// true if websocket messages should use text framing (as opposed to binary framing)
	UseTextFraming bool
	// the media type this watch is being served with
	MediaType string
	// used to frame the watch stream
	Framer runtime.Framer
	// used to encode the watch stream event itself
	Encoder runtime.Encoder
	// used to encode the nested object in the watch stream
	EmbeddedEncoder runtime.Encoder
	// used to correct the object before we send it to the serializer
	Fixup func(runtime.Object) runtime.Object

	TimeoutFactory TimeoutFactory

WatchServer serves a watch.Interface over a websocket or vanilla HTTP.

func (*WatchServer) HandleWS

func (s *WatchServer) HandleWS(ws *websocket.Conn)

HandleWS implements a websocket handler.

func (*WatchServer) ServeHTTP

func (s *WatchServer) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

ServeHTTP serves a series of encoded events via HTTP with Transfer-Encoding: chunked or over a websocket connection.


Path Synopsis
Package negotiation contains media type negotiation logic.
Package negotiation contains media type negotiation logic.
Package responsewriters containers helpers to write responses in HTTP handlers.
Package responsewriters containers helpers to write responses in HTTP handlers.

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