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Published: Jul 15, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type WebhookAccessor

type WebhookAccessor interface {
	// GetUID gets a string that uniquely identifies the webhook.
	GetUID() string

	// GetConfigurationName gets the name of the webhook configuration that owns this webhook.
	GetConfigurationName() string

	// GetRESTClient gets the webhook client
	GetRESTClient(clientManager *webhookutil.ClientManager) (*rest.RESTClient, error)
	// GetParsedNamespaceSelector gets the webhook NamespaceSelector field.
	GetParsedNamespaceSelector() (labels.Selector, error)
	// GetParsedObjectSelector gets the webhook ObjectSelector field.
	GetParsedObjectSelector() (labels.Selector, error)

	// GetName gets the webhook Name field. Note that the name is scoped to the webhook
	// configuration and does not provide a globally unique identity, if a unique identity is
	// needed, use GetUID.
	GetName() string
	// GetClientConfig gets the webhook ClientConfig field.
	GetClientConfig() v1.WebhookClientConfig
	// GetRules gets the webhook Rules field.
	GetRules() []v1.RuleWithOperations
	// GetFailurePolicy gets the webhook FailurePolicy field.
	GetFailurePolicy() *v1.FailurePolicyType
	// GetMatchPolicy gets the webhook MatchPolicy field.
	GetMatchPolicy() *v1.MatchPolicyType
	// GetNamespaceSelector gets the webhook NamespaceSelector field.
	GetNamespaceSelector() *metav1.LabelSelector
	// GetObjectSelector gets the webhook ObjectSelector field.
	GetObjectSelector() *metav1.LabelSelector
	// GetSideEffects gets the webhook SideEffects field.
	GetSideEffects() *v1.SideEffectClass
	// GetTimeoutSeconds gets the webhook TimeoutSeconds field.
	GetTimeoutSeconds() *int32
	// GetAdmissionReviewVersions gets the webhook AdmissionReviewVersions field.
	GetAdmissionReviewVersions() []string

	// GetMutatingWebhook if the accessor contains a MutatingWebhook, returns it and true, else returns false.
	GetMutatingWebhook() (*v1.MutatingWebhook, bool)
	// GetValidatingWebhook if the accessor contains a ValidatingWebhook, returns it and true, else returns false.
	GetValidatingWebhook() (*v1.ValidatingWebhook, bool)

WebhookAccessor provides a common interface to both mutating and validating webhook types.

func NewMutatingWebhookAccessor

func NewMutatingWebhookAccessor(uid, configurationName string, h *v1.MutatingWebhook) WebhookAccessor

NewMutatingWebhookAccessor creates an accessor for a MutatingWebhook.

func NewValidatingWebhookAccessor

func NewValidatingWebhookAccessor(uid, configurationName string, h *v1.ValidatingWebhook) WebhookAccessor

NewValidatingWebhookAccessor creates an accessor for a ValidatingWebhook.

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