Package mutating delegates admission checks to dynamically configured mutating webhooks.

    Package mutating makes calls to mutating webhooks during the admission process.



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    const (
    	// PatchAuditAnnotationPrefix is a prefix for persisting webhook patch in audit annotation.
    	// Audit handler decides whether annotation with this prefix should be logged based on audit level.
    	// Since mutating webhook patches the request body, audit level must be greater or equal to Request
    	// for the annotation to be logged
    	PatchAuditAnnotationPrefix = ""
    	// MutationAuditAnnotationPrefix is a prefix for presisting webhook mutation existence in audit annotation.
    	MutationAuditAnnotationPrefix = ""
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    const (
    	// PluginName indicates the name of admission plug-in
    	PluginName = "MutatingAdmissionWebhook"


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    func Register

    func Register(plugins *admission.Plugins)

      Register registers a plugin


      type MutationAuditAnnotation

      type MutationAuditAnnotation struct {
      	Configuration string `json:"configuration"`
      	Webhook       string `json:"webhook"`
      	Mutated       bool   `json:"mutated"`

        MutationAuditAnnotation logs if a webhook invocation mutated the request object

        type PatchAuditAnnotation

        type PatchAuditAnnotation struct {
        	Configuration string      `json:"configuration"`
        	Webhook       string      `json:"webhook"`
        	Patch         interface{} `json:"patch,omitempty"`
        	PatchType     string      `json:"patchType,omitempty"`

          PatchAuditAnnotation logs a patch from a mutating webhook

          type Plugin

          type Plugin struct {

            Plugin is an implementation of admission.Interface.

            func NewMutatingWebhook

            func NewMutatingWebhook(configFile io.Reader) (*Plugin, error)

              NewMutatingWebhook returns a generic admission webhook plugin.

              func (*Plugin) Admit

                Admit makes an admission decision based on the request attributes.

                func (*Plugin) ValidateInitialization

                func (a *Plugin) ValidateInitialization() error

                  ValidateInitialization implements the InitializationValidator interface.