Package request creates admissionReview request based on admission attributes.



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    func CreateAdmissionObjects

    func CreateAdmissionObjects(versionedAttributes *generic.VersionedAttributes, invocation *generic.WebhookInvocation) (uid types.UID, request, response runtime.Object, err error)

      CreateAdmissionObjects returns the unique request uid, the AdmissionReview object to send the webhook and to decode the response into, or an error if the webhook does not support receiving any of the admission review versions we know to send

      func CreateV1AdmissionReview

      func CreateV1AdmissionReview(uid types.UID, versionedAttributes *generic.VersionedAttributes, invocation *generic.WebhookInvocation) *admissionv1.AdmissionReview

        CreateV1AdmissionReview creates an AdmissionReview for the provided admission.Attributes

        func CreateV1beta1AdmissionReview

        func CreateV1beta1AdmissionReview(uid types.UID, versionedAttributes *generic.VersionedAttributes, invocation *generic.WebhookInvocation) *admissionv1beta1.AdmissionReview

          CreateV1beta1AdmissionReview creates an AdmissionReview for the provided admission.Attributes


          type AdmissionResponse

          type AdmissionResponse struct {
          	AuditAnnotations map[string]string
          	Allowed          bool
          	Patch            []byte
          	PatchType        admissionv1.PatchType
          	Result           *metav1.Status
          	Warnings         []string

            AdmissionResponse contains the fields extracted from an AdmissionReview response

            func VerifyAdmissionResponse

            func VerifyAdmissionResponse(uid types.UID, mutating bool, review runtime.Object) (*AdmissionResponse, error)

              VerifyAdmissionResponse checks the validity of the provided admission review object, and returns the audit annotations, whether the response allowed the request, any provided patch/patchType/status, or an error if the provided admission review was not valid.