Package httplog contains a helper object and functions to maintain a log along with an http response.



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func DefaultStacktracePred

func DefaultStacktracePred(status int) bool

DefaultStacktracePred is the default implementation of StacktracePred.

func LogOf

func LogOf(req *http.Request, w http.ResponseWriter) logger

LogOf returns the logger hiding in w. If there is not an existing logger then a passthroughLogger will be created which will log to stdout immediately when Addf is called.

func Unlogged

func Unlogged(req *http.Request, w http.ResponseWriter) http.ResponseWriter

Unlogged returns the original ResponseWriter, or w if it is not our inserted logger.

func WithLogging

func WithLogging(handler http.Handler, pred StacktracePred) http.Handler

WithLogging wraps the handler with logging.


type StacktracePred

type StacktracePred func(httpStatus int) (logStacktrace bool)

StacktracePred returns true if a stacktrace should be logged for this status.

func StatusIsNot

func StatusIsNot(statuses StacktracePred

StatusIsNot returns a StacktracePred which will cause stacktraces to be logged for any status *not* in the given list.

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