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func WaitForBase64PluginToBeUp

func WaitForBase64PluginToBeUp(plugin *Base64Plugin) error

    WaitForBase64PluginToBeUp waits until the plugin is ready to serve requests.


    type Base64Plugin

    type Base64Plugin struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Base64Plugin gRPC sever for a mock KMS provider. Uses base64 to simulate encrypt and decrypt.

      func NewBase64Plugin

      func NewBase64Plugin(socketPath string) (*Base64Plugin, error)

        NewBase64Plugin is a constructor for Base64Plugin.

        func (*Base64Plugin) CleanUp

        func (s *Base64Plugin) CleanUp()

          CleanUp stops gRPC server and the underlying listener.

          func (*Base64Plugin) Decrypt

            Decrypt performs base64 decoding of the payload of kms.DecryptRequest.

            func (*Base64Plugin) Encrypt

              Encrypt performs base64 encoding of the payload of kms.EncryptRequest.

              func (*Base64Plugin) EnterFailedState

              func (s *Base64Plugin) EnterFailedState()

                EnterFailedState places the plugin into failed state.

                func (*Base64Plugin) ExitFailedState

                func (s *Base64Plugin) ExitFailedState()

                  ExitFailedState removes the plugin from the failed state.

                  func (*Base64Plugin) LastEncryptRequest

                  func (s *Base64Plugin) LastEncryptRequest() []byte

                    LastEncryptRequest returns the last EncryptRequest.Plain sent to the plugin.

                    func (*Base64Plugin) SetVersion

                    func (s *Base64Plugin) SetVersion(ver string)

                      SetVersion sets the version of kms-plugin.

                      func (*Base64Plugin) Start

                      func (s *Base64Plugin) Start() error

                        Start starts plugin's gRPC service.

                        func (*Base64Plugin) Version

                          Version returns the version of the kms-plugin.