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func EtcdHealthCheck added in v0.16.4

func EtcdHealthCheck(data []byte) error

EtcdHealthCheck decodes data returned from etcd /healthz handler. Deprecated: Validate health by passing storagebackend.Config directly to storagefactory.CreateProber.

func New

func New(c *clientv3.Client, codec runtime.Codec, newFunc, newListFunc func() runtime.Object, prefix, resourcePrefix string, groupResource schema.GroupResource, transformer value.Transformer, leaseManagerConfig LeaseManagerConfig) storage.Interface

New returns an etcd3 implementation of storage.Interface.

func NewETCDLatencyTracker added in v0.24.0

func NewETCDLatencyTracker(delegate clientv3.KV) clientv3.KV

NewETCDLatencyTracker returns an implementation of clientv3.KV that times the calls from the specified 'delegate' KV instance in order to track latency incurred.

func StartCompactor

func StartCompactor(ctx context.Context, client *clientv3.Client, compactInterval time.Duration)

StartCompactor starts a compactor in the background to compact old version of keys that's not needed. By default, we save the most recent 5 minutes data and compact versions > 5minutes ago. It should be enough for slow watchers and to tolerate burst. TODO: We might keep a longer history (12h) in the future once storage API can take advantage of past version of keys.

func TestOnlySetFatalOnDecodeError

func TestOnlySetFatalOnDecodeError(b bool)

TestOnlySetFatalOnDecodeError should only be used for cases where decode errors are expected and need to be tested. e.g. conversion webhooks.


type LeaseManagerConfig added in v0.18.18

type LeaseManagerConfig struct {
	// ReuseDurationSeconds specifies time in seconds that each lease is reused
	ReuseDurationSeconds int64
	// MaxObjectCount specifies how many objects that a lease can attach
	MaxObjectCount int64

LeaseManagerConfig is configuration for creating a lease manager.

func NewDefaultLeaseManagerConfig added in v0.18.18

func NewDefaultLeaseManagerConfig() LeaseManagerConfig

NewDefaultLeaseManagerConfig creates a LeaseManagerConfig with default values


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