Leader Election Example

This example demonstrates how to use the leader election package.


Run the following three commands in separate terminals. Each terminal needs a unique id.

# first terminal
go run main.go -kubeconfig=/path/to/kubeconfig -logtostderr=true -lease-lock-name=example -lease-lock-namespace=default -id=1

# second terminal
go run main.go -kubeconfig=/path/to/kubeconfig -logtostderr=true -lease-lock-name=example -lease-lock-namespace=default -id=2

# third terminal
go run main.go -kubeconfig=/path/to/kubeconfig -logtostderr=true -lease-lock-name=example -lease-lock-namespace=default -id=3

You can ignore the -kubeconfig flag if you are running these commands in the Kubernetes cluster.

Now kill the existing leader. You will see from the terminal outputs that one of the remaining two processes will be elected as the new leader.

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