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func DurationToExpirationSeconds added in v0.22.0

func DurationToExpirationSeconds(duration time.Duration) *int32

func ExpirationSecondsToDuration added in v0.22.0

func ExpirationSecondsToDuration(expirationSeconds int32) time.Duration

func RequestCertificate

func RequestCertificate(client clientset.Interface, csrData []byte, name, signerName string, requestedDuration *time.Duration, usages []certificatesv1.KeyUsage, privateKey interface{}) (reqName string, reqUID types.UID, err error)

RequestCertificate will either use an existing (if this process has run before but not to completion) or create a certificate signing request using the PEM encoded CSR and send it to API server. An optional requestedDuration may be passed to set the spec.expirationSeconds field on the CSR to control the lifetime of the issued certificate. This is not guaranteed as the signer may choose to ignore the request.

func WaitForCertificate

func WaitForCertificate(ctx context.Context, client clientset.Interface, reqName string, reqUID types.UID) (certData []byte, err error)

WaitForCertificate waits for a certificate to be issued until timeout, or returns an error.


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