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type CodeExitError

type CodeExitError struct {
	Err  error
	Code int

    CodeExitError is an implementation of ExitError consisting of an error object and an exit code (the upper bits of os.exec.ExitStatus).

    func (CodeExitError) Error

    func (e CodeExitError) Error() string

    func (CodeExitError) ExitStatus

    func (e CodeExitError) ExitStatus() int

    func (CodeExitError) Exited

    func (e CodeExitError) Exited() bool

    func (CodeExitError) String

    func (e CodeExitError) String() string

    type ExitError

    type ExitError interface {
    	String() string
    	Error() string
    	Exited() bool
    	ExitStatus() int

      ExitError is an interface that presents an API similar to os.ProcessState, which is what ExitError from os/exec is. This is designed to make testing a bit easier and probably loses some of the cross-platform properties of the underlying library.

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