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Published: Feb 8, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



Go clients for talking to a kubernetes cluster.

What’s included

  • The kubernetes package contains the clientset to access Kubernetes API.
  • The discovery package is used to discover APIs supported by a Kubernetes API server.
  • The dynamic package contains a dynamic client that can perform generic operations on arbitrary Kubernetes API objects.
  • The transport package is used to set up auth and start a connection.
  • The tools/cache package is useful for writing controllers.


Each top-level folder (e.g., 1.4) contains a release of clients and their dependencies.

client-go has the same release cycle as the Kubernetes main repository. For example, in the 1.4 release cycle, the contents in 1.4/ folder are subjected to changes. Once 1.4 is released, new changes will go into the 1.5/ folder. We will make great efforts to not change the public interface of a version of the client once that version has been released. We may change the interface between versions. Old versions of the client will be retained for two release cycles.

How to get it

You can go get to get a release of client-go, e.g., go get or go get

How to use it

If your application runs in a Pod in the cluster, please refer to the in-cluster example, otherwise please refer to the out-of-cluster example.

Dependency management

If your application depends on a package that client-go depends on, and you let the Go compiler find the dependency in GOPATH, you will end up with duplicated dependencies: one copy from the GOPATH, and one from the vendor folder of client-go. This will cause unexpected runtime error like flag redefinition, since the go compiler ends up importing both packages separately, even if they are exactly the same thing. If this happens, you can either * run godep restore (godep) in the client-go/1.4 folder, then remove the vendor folder of client-go. Then the packages in your GOPATH will be the only copy * or run godep save in your application folder to flatten all dependencies.

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs to the main Kubernetes repository.

Contributing code

Please send pull requests against the client packages in the Kubernetes main repository, and run the /staging/src/ script to update the staging area in the main repository. Changes in the staging area will be published to this repository every day.