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Published: Sep 16, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type PriorityClassLister

type PriorityClassLister interface {
	// List lists all PriorityClasses in the indexer.
	// Objects returned here must be treated as read-only.
	List(selector labels.Selector) (ret []*v1alpha1.PriorityClass, err error)
	// Get retrieves the PriorityClass from the index for a given name.
	// Objects returned here must be treated as read-only.
	Get(name string) (*v1alpha1.PriorityClass, error)

PriorityClassLister helps list PriorityClasses. All objects returned here must be treated as read-only.

func NewPriorityClassLister

func NewPriorityClassLister(indexer cache.Indexer) PriorityClassLister

NewPriorityClassLister returns a new PriorityClassLister.

type PriorityClassListerExpansion

type PriorityClassListerExpansion interface{}

PriorityClassListerExpansion allows custom methods to be added to PriorityClassLister.

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