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type Home

type Home string

Home describes the location of a CLI configuration.

This helper builds paths relative to a Helm Home directory.

func (Home) Archive

func (h Home) Archive() string

Archive returns the path to download chart archives.

func (Home) Cache

func (h Home) Cache() string

Cache returns the path to the local cache.

func (Home) CacheIndex

func (h Home) CacheIndex(name string) string

CacheIndex returns the path to an index for the given named repository.

func (Home) LocalRepository

func (h Home) LocalRepository(elem ...string) string

LocalRepository returns the location to the local repo.

The local repo is the one used by 'helm serve'

If additional path elements are passed, they are appended to the returned path.

func (Home) Path

func (h Home) Path(elem ...string) string

Path returns Home with elements appended.

func (Home) Plugins

func (h Home) Plugins() string

Plugins returns the path to the plugins directory.

func (Home) Repository

func (h Home) Repository() string

Repository returns the path to the local repository.

func (Home) RepositoryFile

func (h Home) RepositoryFile() string

RepositoryFile returns the path to the repositories.yaml file.

func (Home) Starters

func (h Home) Starters() string

Starters returns the path to the Helm starter packs.

func (Home) String

func (h Home) String() string

String returns Home as a string.

Implements fmt.Stringer.

func (Home) TLSCaCert

func (h Home) TLSCaCert() string

TLSCaCert returns the path to fetch the CA certificate.

func (Home) TLSCert

func (h Home) TLSCert() string

TLSCert returns the path to fetch the client certificate.

func (Home) TLSKey

func (h Home) TLSKey() string

TLSKey returns the path to fetch the client public key.

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