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const BootstrapAPIVersion = ""


This section is empty.


func NewConfig added in v1.19.0

func NewConfig(cluster *kops.Cluster, instanceGroup *kops.InstanceGroup) (*Config, *BootConfig)


type APIServerConfig added in v1.21.3

type APIServerConfig struct {
	// KubeAPIServer is a copy of the KubeAPIServerConfig from the cluster spec.
	KubeAPIServer *kops.KubeAPIServerConfig
	// EncryptionConfigSecretHash is a hash of the encryptionconfig secret.
	// It is empty if EncryptionConfig is not enabled.
	// TODO: give secrets IDs and look them up like we do keypairs.
	EncryptionConfigSecretHash string `json:",omitempty"`
	// ServiceAccountPublicKeys are the service-account public keys to trust.
	ServiceAccountPublicKeys string

APIServerConfig is additional configuration for nodes running an APIServer.

type BootConfig added in v1.21.3

type BootConfig struct {
	// CloudProvider is the cloud provider in use.
	CloudProvider string
	// ConfigBase is the base VFS path for config objects.
	ConfigBase *string `json:",omitempty"`
	// ConfigServer holds the configuration for the configuration server.
	ConfigServer *ConfigServerOptions `json:",omitempty"`
	// InstanceGroupName is the name of the instance group.
	InstanceGroupName string `json:",omitempty"`
	// InstanceGroupRole is the instance group role.
	InstanceGroupRole kops.InstanceGroupRole
	// NodeupConfigHash holds a secure hash of the nodeup.Config.
	NodeupConfigHash string

BootConfig is the configuration for the nodeup binary that might be too big to fit in userdata.

type BootstrapRequest added in v1.19.0

type BootstrapRequest struct {
	// APIVersion defines the versioned schema of this representation of a request.
	APIVersion string `json:"apiVersion"`
	// Certs are the requested certificates and their respective public keys.
	Certs map[string]string `json:"certs"`
	// KeypairIDs are the keypair IDs of the CAs to use for issuing certificates.
	KeypairIDs map[string]string `json:"keypairIDs"`

	// IncludeNodeConfig controls whether the cluster & instance group configuration should be returned.
	// This allows for nodes without access to the kops state store.
	IncludeNodeConfig bool `json:"includeNodeConfig"`

BootstrapRequest is a request from nodeup to kops-controller for bootstrapping a node.

type BootstrapResponse added in v1.19.0

type BootstrapResponse struct {
	// Certs are the issued certificates.
	Certs map[string]string

	// NodeConfig contains the node configuration, if IncludeNodeConfig is set.
	NodeConfig *NodeConfig `json:"nodeConfig,omitempty"`

BootstrapResponse is a response to a BootstrapRequest.

type Config

type Config struct {
	// Assets are locations where we can find files to be installed
	// TODO: Remove once everything is in containers?
	Assets map[architectures.Architecture][]string `json:",omitempty"`
	// Images are a list of images we should preload
	Images map[architectures.Architecture][]*Image `json:"images,omitempty"`
	// ClusterName is the name of the cluster
	ClusterName string `json:",omitempty"`
	// Channels is a list of channels that we should apply
	Channels []string `json:"channels,omitempty"`
	// ApiserverAdditionalIPs are additional IP address to put in the apiserver server cert.
	ApiserverAdditionalIPs []string `json:",omitempty"`
	// WarmPoolImages are the container images to pre-pull during instance pre-initialization
	WarmPoolImages []string `json:"warmPoolImages,omitempty"`

	// Manifests for running etcd
	EtcdManifests []string `json:"etcdManifests,omitempty"`

	// CAs are the CA certificates to trust.
	CAs map[string]string
	// KeypairIDs are the IDs of keysets used to sign things.
	KeypairIDs map[string]string
	// DefaultMachineType is the first-listed instance machine type, used if querying instance metadata fails.
	DefaultMachineType *string `json:",omitempty"`
	// EnableLifecycleHook defines whether we need to complete a lifecycle hook.
	EnableLifecycleHook bool `json:",omitempty"`
	// StaticManifests describes generic static manifests
	// Using this allows us to keep complex logic out of nodeup
	StaticManifests []*StaticManifest `json:"staticManifests,omitempty"`
	// KubeletConfig defines the kubelet configuration.
	KubeletConfig kops.KubeletConfigSpec
	// SysctlParameters will configure kernel parameters using sysctl(8). When
	// specified, each parameter must follow the form variable=value, the way
	// it would appear in sysctl.conf.
	SysctlParameters []string `json:",omitempty"`
	// UpdatePolicy determines the policy for applying upgrades automatically.
	UpdatePolicy string
	// VolumeMounts are a collection of volume mounts.
	VolumeMounts []kops.VolumeMountSpec `json:",omitempty"`

	// FileAssets are a collection of file assets for this instance group.
	FileAssets []kops.FileAssetSpec `json:",omitempty"`
	// Hooks are for custom actions, for example on first installation.
	Hooks [][]kops.HookSpec
	// ContainerdConfig config holds the configuration for containerd
	ContainerdConfig *kops.ContainerdConfig `json:"containerdConfig,omitempty"`

	// APIServerConfig is additional configuration for nodes running an APIServer.
	APIServerConfig *APIServerConfig `json:",omitempty"`
	// NvidiaGPU contains the configuration for nvidia
	NvidiaGPU *kops.NvidiaGPUConfig `json:",omitempty"`
	// UseInstanceIDForNodeName uses the instance ID instead of the hostname for the node name.
	UseInstanceIDForNodeName bool `json:"useInstanceIDForNodeName,omitempty"`

Config is the configuration for the nodeup binary

type ConfigServerOptions added in v1.21.0

type ConfigServerOptions struct {
	// Server is the address of the configuration server to use (kops-controller)
	Server string `json:"server,omitempty"`
	// CACertificates are the certificates to trust for fi.CertificateIDCA.
	CACertificates string

type Image

type Image struct {
	// This is the name we would pass to "docker run", whereas source could be a URL from which we would download an image.
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`
	// Sources is a list of URLs from which we should download the image
	Sources []string `json:"sources,omitempty"`
	// Hash is the hash of the file, to verify image integrity (even over http)
	Hash string `json:"hash,omitempty"`

Image is a docker image we should pre-load

type NodeConfig added in v1.21.0

type NodeConfig struct {
	// ClusterFullConfig holds the completed configuration for the cluster.
	ClusterFullConfig string `json:"clusterFullConfig,omitempty"`

	// NodeupConfig holds the nodeup.Config for the node's instance group.
	NodeupConfig string `json:"nodeupConfig,omitempty"`

NodeConfig holds configuration needed to boot a node (without the kops state store)

type NodeConfigCertificate added in v1.21.0

type NodeConfigCertificate struct {
	// Name identifies the certificate.
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// Cert is the certificate data.
	Cert string `json:"cert,omitempty"`

NodeConfigCertificate holds a certificate that the node needs to boot.

type StaticManifest added in v1.17.0

type StaticManifest struct {
	// Key identifies the static manifest
	Key string `json:"key,omitempty"`
	// Path is the path to the manifest
	Path string `json:"path,omitempty"`

StaticManifest is a generic static manifest

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