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func GetMountPoint

func GetMountPoint(volumeId string) string

* GetMountPoint will return the mount point where the volume is expected to be mounted. * This path would be /mnt/master-<volumeId>, eg: /mnt/master-01.

func GetVolumeId

func GetVolumeId(i int) string

GetVolumeId returns given integer value to VolumeId format, eg: for i=2, volume id="02".

func MarshalVolumeMetadata

func MarshalVolumeMetadata(v []VolumeMetadata) (string, error)

MarshalVolumeMetadata marshals given VolumeMetadata to json string.


type EtcdMemberSpec

type EtcdMemberSpec struct {
	// Name is the name of the member within the etcd cluster
	Name          string `json:"name,omitempty"`
	InstanceGroup string `json:"instanceGroup,omitempty"`

EtcdMemberSpec is the specification of members of etcd cluster, to be associated with this volume.

type VSphereAPITarget

type VSphereAPITarget struct {
	Cloud *VSphereCloud

VSphereAPITarget represents target for vSphere, where cluster deployment with take place.

func NewVSphereAPITarget

func NewVSphereAPITarget(cloud *VSphereCloud) *VSphereAPITarget

NewVSphereAPITarget returns VSphereAPITarget instance for vSphere cloud provider.

func (*VSphereAPITarget) Finish

func (t *VSphereAPITarget) Finish(taskMap map[string]fi.Task) error

Finish is no-op for vSphere cloud.

func (*VSphereAPITarget) ProcessDeletions

func (t *VSphereAPITarget) ProcessDeletions() bool

ProcessDeletions is no-op for vSphere cloud.

type VSphereCloud

type VSphereCloud struct {
	Server        string
	Datacenter    string
	Cluster       string
	Username      string
	Password      string
	Client        *govmomi.Client
	CoreDNSServer string
	DNSZone       string

VSphereCloud represents a vSphere cloud instance.

func NewVSphereCloud

func NewVSphereCloud(spec *kops.ClusterSpec) (*VSphereCloud, error)

NewVSphereCloud returns VSphereCloud instance for given ClusterSpec.

func (*VSphereCloud) CreateLinkClonedVm

func (c *VSphereCloud) CreateLinkClonedVm(vmName, vmImage *string) (string, error)

CreateLinkClonedVm creates linked clone of given VM image. This method will perform all necessary steps, like creating snapshot if it's not already present.

func (*VSphereCloud) DNS

DNS returns dnsprovider interface for this vSphere cloud.

func (*VSphereCloud) DeleteCloudInitISO

func (c *VSphereCloud) DeleteCloudInitISO(vm *string) error

func (*VSphereCloud) DeleteGroup

DeleteGroup is not implemented yet, is a func that needs to delete a vSphere instance group.

func (*VSphereCloud) DeleteInstance

DeleteInstance is not implemented yet, is func needs to delete a vSphereCloud instance.

func (*VSphereCloud) FindVMUUID

func (c *VSphereCloud) FindVMUUID(vm *string) (string, error)

Returns VM's instance uuid

func (*VSphereCloud) FindVPCInfo

func (c *VSphereCloud) FindVPCInfo(id string) (*fi.VPCInfo, error)

FindVPCInfo doesn't perform any operation for now. No VPC is present for vSphere.

func (*VSphereCloud) GetCloudGroups

func (c *VSphereCloud) GetCloudGroups(cluster *kops.Cluster, instancegroups []*kops.InstanceGroup, warnUnmatched bool, nodes []v1.Node) (map[string]*cloudinstances.CloudInstanceGroup, error)

GetCloudGroups is not implemented yet, that needs to return the instances and groups that back a kops cluster.

func (*VSphereCloud) GetVirtualMachines

func (c *VSphereCloud) GetVirtualMachines(args []string) ([]*object.VirtualMachine, error)

GetVirtualMachines returns the VMs where the VM name matches the strings in the argument

func (*VSphereCloud) PowerOn

func (c *VSphereCloud) PowerOn(vm string) error

PowerOn powers on given VM.

func (*VSphereCloud) ProviderID

func (c *VSphereCloud) ProviderID() kops.CloudProviderID

ProviderID returns ID for vSphere type cloud provider.

func (*VSphereCloud) Region added in v1.17.0

func (c *VSphereCloud) Region() string

Region returns the region bound to the VsphereCloud.

func (*VSphereCloud) UploadAndAttachISO

func (c *VSphereCloud) UploadAndAttachISO(vm *string, isoFile string) error

UploadAndAttachISO uploads the ISO to datastore and attaches it to the given VM.

type VolumeMetadata

type VolumeMetadata struct {
	// EtcdClusterName is the name of the etcd cluster (main, events etc)
	EtcdClusterName string `json:"etcdClusterName,omitempty"`
	// EtcdNodeName is the name of a node in etcd cluster for which this volume will be used
	EtcdNodeName string `json:"etcdNodeName,omitempty"`
	// EtcdMember stores the configurations for each member of the cluster
	Members []EtcdMemberSpec `json:"etcdMembers,omitempty"`
	// Volume id
	VolumeId string `json:"volumeId,omitempty"`

VolumeMetadata represents metadata for vSphere volumes. Unlike aws and gce clouds, vSphere doesn't support tags for volumes/vmdks yet. This metadata is used to pass the information that aws and gce clouds associate with volumes using tags.

func UnmarshalVolumeMetadata

func UnmarshalVolumeMetadata(text string) ([]VolumeMetadata, error)

UnmarshalVolumeMetadata unmarshals given json string into VolumeMetadata.

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