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func NewCmdDelete

func NewCmdDelete(f cmdutil.Factory, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command


type DeleteFlags

type DeleteFlags struct {
	FileNameFlags *genericclioptions.FileNameFlags
	LabelSelector *string
	FieldSelector *string

	All               *bool
	AllNamespaces     *bool
	CascadingStrategy *string
	Force             *bool
	GracePeriod       *int
	IgnoreNotFound    *bool
	Now               *bool
	Timeout           *time.Duration
	Wait              *bool
	Output            *string
	Raw               *string

    DeleteFlags composes common printer flag structs used for commands requiring deletion logic.

    func NewDeleteCommandFlags

    func NewDeleteCommandFlags(usage string) *DeleteFlags

      NewDeleteCommandFlags provides default flags and values for use with the "delete" command

      func NewDeleteFlags

      func NewDeleteFlags(usage string) *DeleteFlags

        NewDeleteFlags provides default flags and values for use in commands outside of "delete"

        func (*DeleteFlags) AddFlags

        func (f *DeleteFlags) AddFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

        func (*DeleteFlags) ToOptions

        func (f *DeleteFlags) ToOptions(dynamicClient dynamic.Interface, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) (*DeleteOptions, error)

        type DeleteOptions

        type DeleteOptions struct {
        	LabelSelector       string
        	FieldSelector       string
        	DeleteAll           bool
        	DeleteAllNamespaces bool
        	CascadingStrategy   metav1.DeletionPropagation
        	IgnoreNotFound      bool
        	DeleteNow           bool
        	ForceDeletion       bool
        	WaitForDeletion     bool
        	Quiet               bool
        	WarnClusterScope    bool
        	Raw                 string
        	GracePeriod int
        	Timeout     time.Duration
        	DryRunStrategy cmdutil.DryRunStrategy
        	DryRunVerifier *resource.DryRunVerifier
        	Output string
        	DynamicClient dynamic.Interface
        	Mapper        meta.RESTMapper
        	Result        *resource.Result

        func (*DeleteOptions) Complete

        func (o *DeleteOptions) Complete(f cmdutil.Factory, args []string, cmd *cobra.Command) error

        func (*DeleteOptions) DeleteResult

        func (o *DeleteOptions) DeleteResult(r *resource.Result) error

        func (*DeleteOptions) PrintObj

        func (o *DeleteOptions) PrintObj(info *resource.Info)

          PrintObj for deleted objects is special because we do not have an object to print. This mirrors name printer behavior

          func (*DeleteOptions) RunDelete

          func (o *DeleteOptions) RunDelete(f cmdutil.Factory) error

          func (*DeleteOptions) Validate

          func (o *DeleteOptions) Validate() error