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func DefaultConsumeRequest

func DefaultConsumeRequest(request rest.ResponseWrapper, out io.Writer) error

    DefaultConsumeRequest reads the data from request and writes into the out writer. It buffers data from requests until the newline or io.EOF occurs in the data, so it doesn't interleave logs sub-line when running concurrently.

    A successful read returns err == nil, not err == io.EOF. Because the function is defined to read from request until io.EOF, it does not treat an io.EOF as an error to be reported.

    func NewCmdLogs

    func NewCmdLogs(f cmdutil.Factory, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command

      NewCmdLogs creates a new pod logs command


      type LogsOptions

      type LogsOptions struct {
      	Namespace     string
      	ResourceArg   string
      	AllContainers bool
      	Options       runtime.Object
      	Resources     []string
      	ConsumeRequestFn func(rest.ResponseWrapper, io.Writer) error
      	// PodLogOptions
      	SinceTime                    string
      	SinceSeconds                 time.Duration
      	Follow                       bool
      	Previous                     bool
      	Timestamps                   bool
      	IgnoreLogErrors              bool
      	LimitBytes                   int64
      	Tail                         int64
      	Container                    string
      	InsecureSkipTLSVerifyBackend bool
      	// whether or not a container name was given via --container
      	ContainerNameSpecified bool
      	Selector               string
      	MaxFollowConcurrency   int
      	Prefix                 bool
      	Object           runtime.Object
      	GetPodTimeout    time.Duration
      	RESTClientGetter genericclioptions.RESTClientGetter
      	LogsForObject    polymorphichelpers.LogsForObjectFunc
      	TailSpecified bool
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func NewLogsOptions

      func NewLogsOptions(streams genericclioptions.IOStreams, allContainers bool) *LogsOptions

      func (*LogsOptions) AddFlags

      func (o *LogsOptions) AddFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

      func (*LogsOptions) Complete

      func (o *LogsOptions) Complete(f cmdutil.Factory, cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

      func (LogsOptions) RunLogs

      func (o LogsOptions) RunLogs() error

        RunLogs retrieves a pod log

        func (*LogsOptions) ToLogOptions

        func (o *LogsOptions) ToLogOptions() (*corev1.PodLogOptions, error)

        func (LogsOptions) Validate

        func (o LogsOptions) Validate() error

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