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func ExtractContainerResourceValue

func ExtractContainerResourceValue(fs *corev1.ResourceFieldSelector, container *corev1.Container) (string, error)

    ExtractContainerResourceValue extracts the value of a resource in an already known container

    func IsHugePageResourceName

    func IsHugePageResourceName(name corev1.ResourceName) bool

      IsHugePageResourceName returns true if the resource name has the huge page resource prefix.

      func IsStandardContainerResourceName

      func IsStandardContainerResourceName(str string) bool

        IsStandardContainerResourceName returns true if the container can make a resource request for the specified resource

        func PodRequestsAndLimits

        func PodRequestsAndLimits(pod *corev1.Pod) (reqs, limits corev1.ResourceList)

          PodRequestsAndLimits returns a dictionary of all defined resources summed up for all containers of the pod. If pod overhead is non-nil, the pod overhead is added to the total container resource requests and to the total container limits which have a non-zero quantity.


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