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package v1alpha1

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Published: Jun 26, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



var (
	// SchemeBuilder is the scheme builder with scheme init functions to run for this API package
	SchemeBuilder runtime.SchemeBuilder

	// AddToScheme is a global function that registers this API group & version to a scheme
	AddToScheme = localSchemeBuilder.AddToScheme

func Convert_config_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration_To_v1alpha1_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration

func Convert_config_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration_To_v1alpha1_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration(in *config.NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration, out *v1alpha1.NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_config_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration_To_v1alpha1_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration is an autogenerated conversion function.

func Convert_v1_GroupResource_To_v1alpha1_GroupResource

func Convert_v1_GroupResource_To_v1alpha1_GroupResource(in *v1.GroupResource, out *v1alpha1.GroupResource, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_v1_GroupResource_To_v1alpha1_GroupResource is an autogenerated conversion function.

func Convert_v1alpha1_GroupResource_To_v1_GroupResource

func Convert_v1alpha1_GroupResource_To_v1_GroupResource(in *v1alpha1.GroupResource, out *v1.GroupResource, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_v1alpha1_GroupResource_To_v1_GroupResource is an autogenerated conversion function.

func Convert_v1alpha1_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration_To_config_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration

func Convert_v1alpha1_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration_To_config_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration(in *v1alpha1.NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration, out *config.NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_v1alpha1_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration_To_config_NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration is an autogenerated conversion function.

func RecommendedDefaultNodeIPAMControllerConfiguration

func RecommendedDefaultNodeIPAMControllerConfiguration(obj *kubectrlmgrconfigv1alpha1.NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration)

RecommendedDefaultNodeIPAMControllerConfiguration defaults a pointer to a NodeIPAMControllerConfiguration struct. This will set the recommended default values, but they may be subject to change between API versions. This function is intentionally not registered in the scheme as a "normal" `SetDefaults_Foo` function to allow consumers of this type to set whatever defaults for their embedded configs. Forcing consumers to use these defaults would be problematic as defaulting in the scheme is done as part of the conversion, and there would be no easy way to opt-out. Instead, if you want to use this defaulting method run it in your wrapper struct of this type in its `SetDefaults_` method.

func RegisterConversions

func RegisterConversions(s *runtime.Scheme) error

RegisterConversions adds conversion functions to the given scheme. Public to allow building arbitrary schemes.

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