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package replication

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Published: Jun 26, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package replication contains logic for watching and synchronizing replication controllers.



const (
	BurstReplicas = replicaset.BurstReplicas

func GetCondition

func GetCondition(status v1.ReplicationControllerStatus, condType v1.ReplicationControllerConditionType) *v1.ReplicationControllerCondition

GetCondition returns a replication controller condition with the provided type if it exists.

func NewReplicationControllerCondition

func NewReplicationControllerCondition(condType v1.ReplicationControllerConditionType, status v1.ConditionStatus, reason, msg string) v1.ReplicationControllerCondition

NewReplicationControllerCondition creates a new replication controller condition.

func RemoveCondition

func RemoveCondition(status *v1.ReplicationControllerStatus, condType v1.ReplicationControllerConditionType)

RemoveCondition removes the condition with the provided type from the replication controller status.

func SetCondition

func SetCondition(status *v1.ReplicationControllerStatus, condition v1.ReplicationControllerCondition)

SetCondition adds/replaces the given condition in the replication controller status.

type ReplicationManager

type ReplicationManager struct {

ReplicationManager is responsible for synchronizing ReplicationController objects stored in the system with actual running pods. It is actually just a wrapper around ReplicaSetController.

func NewReplicationManager

func NewReplicationManager(podInformer coreinformers.PodInformer, rcInformer coreinformers.ReplicationControllerInformer, kubeClient clientset.Interface, burstReplicas int) *ReplicationManager

NewReplicationManager configures a replication manager with the specified event recorder

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