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Published: Oct 14, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package fieldpath supplies methods for extracting fields from objects given a path to a field.


func ExtractFieldPathAsString

func ExtractFieldPathAsString(obj interface{}, fieldPath string) (string, error)

ExtractFieldPathAsString extracts the field from the given object and returns it as a string. The object must be a pointer to an API type.

func FormatMap

func FormatMap(m map[string]string) (fmtStr string)

FormatMap formats map[string]string to a string.

func SplitMaybeSubscriptedPath

func SplitMaybeSubscriptedPath(fieldPath string) (string, string, bool)

SplitMaybeSubscriptedPath checks whether the specified fieldPath is subscripted, and

- if yes, this function splits the fieldPath into path and subscript, and
  returns (path, subscript, true).
- if no, this function returns (fieldPath, "", false).

Example inputs and outputs:

- "metadata.annotations['myKey']" --> ("metadata.annotations", "myKey", true)
- "metadata.annotations['a[b]c']" --> ("metadata.annotations", "a[b]c", true)
- "metadata.labels['']"           --> ("metadata.labels", "", true)
- "metadata.labels"               --> ("metadata.labels", "", false)
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