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package kubeapiserver

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Published: May 20, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package kubeapiserver holds code that is common to both the kube-apiserver and the federation-apiserver, but isn't part of a generic API server. For instance, the non-delegated authorization options are used by those two servers, but no generic API server is likely to use them.



var SpecialDefaultResourcePrefixes = map[schema.GroupResource]string{
	{Group: "", Resource: "replicationcontrollers"}:        "controllers",
	{Group: "", Resource: "endpoints"}:                     "services/endpoints",
	{Group: "", Resource: "nodes"}:                         "minions",
	{Group: "", Resource: "services"}:                      "services/specs",
	{Group: "extensions", Resource: "ingresses"}:           "ingress",
	{Group: "", Resource: "ingresses"}:    "ingress",
	{Group: "extensions", Resource: "podsecuritypolicies"}: "podsecuritypolicy",
	{Group: "policy", Resource: "podsecuritypolicies"}:     "podsecuritypolicy",

SpecialDefaultResourcePrefixes are prefixes compiled into Kubernetes.

type StorageFactoryConfig

type StorageFactoryConfig struct {
	StorageConfig                    storagebackend.Config
	APIResourceConfig                *serverstorage.ResourceConfig
	DefaultResourceEncoding          *serverstorage.DefaultResourceEncodingConfig
	DefaultStorageMediaType          string
	Serializer                       runtime.StorageSerializer
	ResourceEncodingOverrides        []schema.GroupVersionResource
	EtcdServersOverrides             []string
	EncryptionProviderConfigFilepath string

StorageFactoryConfig is a configuration for creating storage factory.

func NewStorageFactoryConfig

func NewStorageFactoryConfig() *StorageFactoryConfig

NewStorageFactoryConfig returns a new StorageFactoryConfig set up with necessary resource overrides.

func (*StorageFactoryConfig) Complete

func (c *StorageFactoryConfig) Complete(etcdOptions *serveroptions.EtcdOptions) (*completedStorageFactoryConfig, error)

Complete completes the StorageFactoryConfig with provided etcdOptions returning completedStorageFactoryConfig.

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