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const (
	// LoadBalancerWidth is the width how we describe load balancer
	LoadBalancerWidth = 16

	// LabelNodeRolePrefix is a label prefix for node roles
	// It's copied over to here until it's merged in core:
	LabelNodeRolePrefix = ""

	// NodeLabelRole specifies the role of a node
	NodeLabelRole = ""


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type Describer

type Describer interface {
	Describe(namespace, name string, describerSettings DescriberSettings) (output string, err error)

    Describer generates output for the named resource or an error if the output could not be generated. Implementers typically abstract the retrieval of the named object from a remote server.

    type DescriberFunc

    type DescriberFunc func(restClientGetter genericclioptions.RESTClientGetter, mapping *meta.RESTMapping) (Describer, error)

      DescriberFunc gives a way to display the specified RESTMapping type

      type DescriberSettings

      type DescriberSettings struct {
      	ShowEvents bool

        DescriberSettings holds display configuration for each object describer to control what is printed.

        type ErrNoDescriber

        type ErrNoDescriber struct {
        	Types []string

          ErrNoDescriber is a structured error indicating the provided object or objects cannot be described.

          func (ErrNoDescriber) Error

          func (e ErrNoDescriber) Error() string

            Error implements the error interface.

            type ObjectDescriber

            type ObjectDescriber interface {
            	DescribeObject(object interface{}, extra ...interface{}) (output string, err error)

              ObjectDescriber is an interface for displaying arbitrary objects with extra information. Use when an object is in hand (on disk, or already retrieved). Implementers may ignore the additional information passed on extra, or use it by default. ObjectDescribers may return ErrNoDescriber if no suitable describer is found.

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