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  • Sig-Node community has reached a general consensus, as a best practice, to avoid introducing any new checkpointing support. We reached this understanding after struggling with some hard-to-debug issues in the production environments caused by the checkpointing.
  • Any changes to the checkpointed data structure would be considered incompatible and a component should add its own handling if it needs to ensure backward compatibility of reading old-format checkpoint files.


This folder contains a framework & primitives, Checkpointing Manager, which is used by several other Kubelet submodules, dockershim, devicemanager, pods and cpumanager, to implement checkpointing at each submodule level. As already explained in above Disclaimer section, think twice before introducing any further checkpointing in Kubelet. If still checkpointing is required, then this folder provides the common APIs and the framework for implementing checkpointing. Using same APIs across all the submodules will help maintaining consistency at Kubelet level.

Below is the history of checkpointing support in Kubelet.

Package First checkpointing support merged on PR link
kubelet/dockershim Feb 3, 2017 [CRI] Implement Dockershim Checkpoint
devicemanager Sep 6, 2017 Deviceplugin checkpoint
kubelet/pod Nov 22, 2017 Initial basic bootstrap-checkpoint support
cpumanager Oct 27, 2017 Add file backed state to cpu manager




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type Checkpoint

type Checkpoint interface {
	MarshalCheckpoint() ([]byte, error)
	UnmarshalCheckpoint(blob []byte) error
	VerifyChecksum() error

Checkpoint provides the process checkpoint data

type CheckpointManager

type CheckpointManager interface {
	// CreateCheckpoint persists checkpoint in CheckpointStore. checkpointKey is the key for utilstore to locate checkpoint.
	// For file backed utilstore, checkpointKey is the file name to write the checkpoint data.
	CreateCheckpoint(checkpointKey string, checkpoint Checkpoint) error
	// GetCheckpoint retrieves checkpoint from CheckpointStore.
	GetCheckpoint(checkpointKey string, checkpoint Checkpoint) error
	// WARNING: RemoveCheckpoint will not return error if checkpoint does not exist.
	RemoveCheckpoint(checkpointKey string) error
	// ListCheckpoint returns the list of existing checkpoints.
	ListCheckpoints() ([]string, error)

CheckpointManager provides the interface to manage checkpoint

func NewCheckpointManager

func NewCheckpointManager(checkpointDir string) (CheckpointManager, error)

NewCheckpointManager returns a new instance of a checkpoint manager


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