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type DockerLegacyService

type DockerLegacyService interface {
	// GetContainerLogs gets logs for a specific container.
	GetContainerLogs(context.Context, *v1.Pod, kubecontainer.ContainerID, *v1.PodLogOptions, io.Writer, io.Writer) error

	// IsCRISupportedLogDriver checks whether the logging driver used by docker is
	// supported by native CRI integration.
	// TODO(resouer): remove this when deprecating unsupported log driver
	IsCRISupportedLogDriver() (bool, error)


DockerLegacyService interface is used throughout `pkg/kubelet`. It used to live in the `pkg/kubelet/dockershim` package. While we would eventually like to remove it entirely, we need to give users some form of warning.

By including the interface in `pkg/kubelet/legacy/logs.go`, we ensure the interface is available to `pkg/kubelet`, even when we are building with the `dockerless` tag (i.e. not compiling the dockershim). While the interface always exists, there will be no implementations of the interface when building with the `dockerless` tag. The lack of implementations should not be an issue, as we only expect `pkg/kubelet` code to need an implementation of the `DockerLegacyService` when we are using docker. If we are using docker, but building with the `dockerless` tag, than this will be just one of many things that breaks.

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