Package reconciler implements interfaces that attempt to reconcile the desired state of the world with the actual state of the world by triggering relevant actions (attach, detach, mount, unmount).



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type Reconciler

type Reconciler interface {
	// Starts running the reconciliation loop which executes periodically, checks
	// if volumes that should be mounted are mounted and volumes that should
	// be unmounted are unmounted. If not, it will trigger mount/unmount
	// operations to rectify.
	// If attach/detach management is enabled, the manager will also check if
	// volumes that should be attached are attached and volumes that should
	// be detached are detached and trigger attach/detach operations as needed.
	Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

	// StatesHasBeenSynced returns true only after syncStates process starts to sync
	// states at least once after kubelet starts
	StatesHasBeenSynced() bool

Reconciler runs a periodic loop to reconcile the desired state of the world with the actual state of the world by triggering attach, detach, mount, and unmount operations. Note: This is distinct from the Reconciler implemented by the attach/detach controller. This reconciles state for the kubelet volume manager. That reconciles state for the attach/detach controller.

func NewReconciler

func NewReconciler(
	kubeClient clientset.Interface,
	controllerAttachDetachEnabled bool,
	loopSleepDuration time.Duration,
	waitForAttachTimeout time.Duration,
	nodeName types.NodeName,
	desiredStateOfWorld cache.DesiredStateOfWorld,
	actualStateOfWorld cache.ActualStateOfWorld,
	populatorHasAddedPods func() bool,
	operationExecutor operationexecutor.OperationExecutor,
	mounter mount.Interface,
	hostutil hostutil.HostUtils,
	volumePluginMgr *volumepkg.VolumePluginMgr,
	kubeletPodsDir string) Reconciler

NewReconciler returns a new instance of Reconciler.

controllerAttachDetachEnabled - if true, indicates that the attach/detach

controller is responsible for managing the attach/detach operations for
this node, and therefore the volume manager should not

loopSleepDuration - the amount of time the reconciler loop sleeps between

successive executions

waitForAttachTimeout - the amount of time the Mount function will wait for

the volume to be attached

nodeName - the Name for this node, used by Attach and Detach methods desiredStateOfWorld - cache containing the desired state of the world actualStateOfWorld - cache containing the actual state of the world populatorHasAddedPods - checker for whether the populator has finished

adding pods to the desiredStateOfWorld cache at least once after sources
are all ready (before sources are ready, pods are probably missing)

operationExecutor - used to trigger attach/detach/mount/unmount operations

safely (prevents more than one operation from being triggered on the same

mounter - mounter passed in from kubelet, passed down unmount path hostutil - hostutil passed in from kubelet volumePluginMgr - volume plugin manager passed from kubelet

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