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Package service provides the Registry interface and its RESTStorage implementation for storing Service api objects.



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var StatusStrategy = serviceStatusStrategy{Strategy}

StatusStrategy wraps and exports the used svcStrategy for the storage package.

Strategy is the default logic that applies when creating and updating Services objects via the REST API.


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type ProxyREST

type ProxyREST struct {
	Redirector     rest.Redirector
	ProxyTransport http.RoundTripper

ProxyREST implements the proxy subresource for a Service

func (*ProxyREST) Connect

func (r *ProxyREST) Connect(ctx context.Context, id string, opts runtime.Object, responder rest.Responder) (http.Handler, error)

Connect returns a handler for the service proxy

func (*ProxyREST) ConnectMethods

func (r *ProxyREST) ConnectMethods() []string

ConnectMethods returns the list of HTTP methods that can be proxied

func (*ProxyREST) Destroy added in v1.25.0

func (r *ProxyREST) Destroy()

Destroy cleans up resources on shutdown.

func (*ProxyREST) New

func (r *ProxyREST) New() runtime.Object

New returns an empty service resource

func (*ProxyREST) NewConnectOptions

func (r *ProxyREST) NewConnectOptions() (runtime.Object, bool, string)

NewConnectOptions returns versioned resource that represents proxy parameters

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