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const (
	// ErrReasonConstraintsNotMatch is used for PodTopologySpread filter error.
	ErrReasonConstraintsNotMatch = "node(s) didn't match pod topology spread constraints"
	// ErrReasonNodeLabelNotMatch is used when the node doesn't hold the required label.
	ErrReasonNodeLabelNotMatch = ErrReasonConstraintsNotMatch + " (missing required label)"
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const (
	// Name is the name of the plugin used in the plugin registry and configurations.
	Name = "PodTopologySpread"


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func New

New initializes a new plugin and returns it.


type PodTopologySpread

type PodTopologySpread struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PodTopologySpread is a plugin that ensures pod's topologySpreadConstraints is satisfied.

func (*PodTopologySpread) AddPod

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) AddPod(ctx context.Context, cycleState *framework.CycleState, podToSchedule *v1.Pod, podToAdd *v1.Pod, nodeInfo *framework.NodeInfo) *framework.Status

AddPod from pre-computed data in cycleState.

func (*PodTopologySpread) Filter

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) Filter(ctx context.Context, cycleState *framework.CycleState, pod *v1.Pod, nodeInfo *framework.NodeInfo) *framework.Status

Filter invoked at the filter extension point.

func (*PodTopologySpread) Name

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) Name() string

Name returns name of the plugin. It is used in logs, etc.

func (*PodTopologySpread) NormalizeScore

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) NormalizeScore(ctx context.Context, cycleState *framework.CycleState, pod *v1.Pod, scores framework.NodeScoreList) *framework.Status

NormalizeScore invoked after scoring all nodes.

func (*PodTopologySpread) PreFilter

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) PreFilter(ctx context.Context, cycleState *framework.CycleState, pod *v1.Pod) *framework.Status

PreFilter invoked at the prefilter extension point.

func (*PodTopologySpread) PreFilterExtensions

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) PreFilterExtensions() framework.PreFilterExtensions

PreFilterExtensions returns prefilter extensions, pod add and remove.

func (*PodTopologySpread) PreScore

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) PreScore(
	ctx context.Context,
	cycleState *framework.CycleState,
	pod *v1.Pod,
	filteredNodes []*v1.Node,
) *framework.Status

PreScore builds and writes cycle state used by Score and NormalizeScore.

func (*PodTopologySpread) RemovePod

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) RemovePod(ctx context.Context, cycleState *framework.CycleState, podToSchedule *v1.Pod, podToRemove *v1.Pod, nodeInfo *framework.NodeInfo) *framework.Status

RemovePod from pre-computed data in cycleState.

func (*PodTopologySpread) Score

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) Score(ctx context.Context, cycleState *framework.CycleState, pod *v1.Pod, nodeName string) (int64, *framework.Status)

Score invoked at the Score extension point. The "score" returned in this function is the matching number of pods on the `nodeName`, it is normalized later.

func (*PodTopologySpread) ScoreExtensions

func (pl *PodTopologySpread) ScoreExtensions() framework.ScoreExtensions

ScoreExtensions of the Score plugin.