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const (
	// Filter is the name of the filter extension point.
	Filter = "Filter"


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func DecodeInto

func DecodeInto(obj runtime.Object, into interface{}) error

DecodeInto decodes configuration whose type is *runtime.Unknown to the interface into.

func NewFramework

func NewFramework(r Registry, plugins *config.Plugins, args []config.PluginConfig, opts ...Option) (framework.Framework, error)

NewFramework initializes plugins given the configuration and the registry.


type CaptureProfile

type CaptureProfile func(config.KubeSchedulerProfile)

CaptureProfile is a callback to capture a finalized profile.

type Option

type Option func(*frameworkOptions)

Option for the frameworkImpl.

func WithCaptureProfile

func WithCaptureProfile(c CaptureProfile) Option

WithCaptureProfile sets a callback to capture the finalized profile.

func WithClientSet

func WithClientSet(clientSet clientset.Interface) Option

WithClientSet sets clientSet for the scheduling frameworkImpl.

func WithEventRecorder

func WithEventRecorder(recorder events.EventRecorder) Option

WithEventRecorder sets clientSet for the scheduling frameworkImpl.

func WithExtenders

func WithExtenders(extenders []framework.Extender) Option

WithExtenders sets extenders for the scheduling frameworkImpl.

func WithInformerFactory

func WithInformerFactory(informerFactory informers.SharedInformerFactory) Option

WithInformerFactory sets informer factory for the scheduling frameworkImpl.

func WithPodNominator

func WithPodNominator(nominator framework.PodNominator) Option

WithPodNominator sets podNominator for the scheduling frameworkImpl.

func WithProfileName

func WithProfileName(name string) Option

WithProfileName sets the profile name.

func WithRunAllFilters

func WithRunAllFilters(runAllFilters bool) Option

WithRunAllFilters sets the runAllFilters flag, which means RunFilterPlugins accumulates all failure Statuses.

func WithSnapshotSharedLister

func WithSnapshotSharedLister(snapshotSharedLister framework.SharedLister) Option

WithSnapshotSharedLister sets the SharedLister of the snapshot.

type PluginFactory

type PluginFactory = func(configuration runtime.Object, f framework.Handle) (framework.Plugin, error)

PluginFactory is a function that builds a plugin.

type Registry

type Registry map[string]PluginFactory

Registry is a collection of all available plugins. The framework uses a registry to enable and initialize configured plugins. All plugins must be in the registry before initializing the framework.

func (Registry) Merge

func (r Registry) Merge(in Registry) error

Merge merges the provided registry to the current one.

func (Registry) Register

func (r Registry) Register(name string, factory PluginFactory) error

Register adds a new plugin to the registry. If a plugin with the same name exists, it returns an error.

func (Registry) Unregister

func (r Registry) Unregister(name string) error

Unregister removes an existing plugin from the registry. If no plugin with the provided name exists, it returns an error.