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func GetParallelism

func GetParallelism() int

GetParallelism returns the currently set parallelism.

func SetParallelism

func SetParallelism(p int)

SetParallelism sets the parallelism for all scheduler algorithms. TODO(#95952): Remove global setter in favor of a struct that holds the configuration.

func Until

func Until(ctx context.Context, pieces int, doWorkPiece workqueue.DoWorkPieceFunc)

Until is a wrapper around workqueue.ParallelizeUntil to use in scheduling algorithms.


type ErrorChannel

type ErrorChannel struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrorChannel supports non-blocking send and receive operation to capture error. A maximum of one error is kept in the channel and the rest of the errors sent are ignored, unless the existing error is received and the channel becomes empty again.

func NewErrorChannel

func NewErrorChannel() *ErrorChannel

NewErrorChannel returns a new ErrorChannel.

func (*ErrorChannel) ReceiveError

func (e *ErrorChannel) ReceiveError() error

ReceiveError receives an error from channel without blocking on the receiver.

func (*ErrorChannel) SendError

func (e *ErrorChannel) SendError(err error)

SendError sends an error without blocking the sender.

func (*ErrorChannel) SendErrorWithCancel

func (e *ErrorChannel) SendErrorWithCancel(err error, cancel context.CancelFunc)

SendErrorWithCancel sends an error without blocking the sender and calls cancel function.