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Package volumehelper contains consts and helper methods used by various volume components (attach/detach controller, kubelet, etc.).



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const (
	// ControllerManagedAttachAnnotation is the key of the annotation on Node
	// objects that indicates attach/detach operations for the node should be
	// managed by the attach/detach controller
	ControllerManagedAttachAnnotation string = "volumes.kubernetes.io/controller-managed-attach-detach"

	// KeepTerminatedPodVolumesAnnotation is the key of the annotation on Node
	// that decides if pod volumes are unmounted when pod is terminated
	KeepTerminatedPodVolumesAnnotation string = "volumes.kubernetes.io/keep-terminated-pod-volumes"

	// VolumeGidAnnotationKey is the of the annotation on the PersistentVolume
	// object that specifies a supplemental GID.
	VolumeGidAnnotationKey = "pv.beta.kubernetes.io/gid"

	// VolumeDynamicallyCreatedByKey is the key of the annotation on PersistentVolume
	// object created dynamically
	VolumeDynamicallyCreatedByKey = "kubernetes.io/createdby"


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func GetPersistentVolumeClaimVolumeMode added in v1.9.0

func GetPersistentVolumeClaimVolumeMode(claim *v1.PersistentVolumeClaim) (v1.PersistentVolumeMode, error)

GetPersistentVolumeClaimVolumeMode retrieves VolumeMode from pvc.

func GetUniquePodName

func GetUniquePodName(pod *v1.Pod) types.UniquePodName

GetUniquePodName returns a unique identifier to reference a pod by

func GetUniqueVolumeName

func GetUniqueVolumeName(pluginName, volumeName string) v1.UniqueVolumeName

GetUniqueVolumeName returns a unique name representing the volume/plugin. Caller should ensure that volumeName is a name/ID uniquely identifying the actual backing device, directory, path, etc. for a particular volume. The returned name can be used to uniquely reference the volume, for example, to prevent operations (attach/detach or mount/unmount) from being triggered on the same volume.

func GetUniqueVolumeNameForNonAttachableVolume added in v1.3.4

func GetUniqueVolumeNameForNonAttachableVolume(
	podName types.UniquePodName, volumePlugin volume.VolumePlugin, volumeSpec *volume.Spec) v1.UniqueVolumeName

GetUniqueVolumeNameForNonAttachableVolume returns the unique volume name for a non-attachable volume.

func GetUniqueVolumeNameFromSpec

func GetUniqueVolumeNameFromSpec(
	volumePlugin volume.VolumePlugin,
	volumeSpec *volume.Spec) (v1.UniqueVolumeName, error)

GetUniqueVolumeNameFromSpec uses the given VolumePlugin to generate a unique name representing the volume defined in the specified volume spec. This returned name can be used to uniquely reference the actual backing device, directory, path, etc. referenced by the given volumeSpec. If the given plugin does not support the volume spec, this returns an error.

func GetVolumeMode added in v1.9.0

func GetVolumeMode(volumeSpec *volume.Spec) (v1.PersistentVolumeMode, error)

GetVolumeMode retrieves VolumeMode from pv. If the volume doesn't have PersistentVolume, it's an inline volume, should return volumeMode as filesystem to keep existing behavior.

func IsPodTerminated added in v1.6.5

func IsPodTerminated(pod *v1.Pod, podStatus v1.PodStatus) bool

IsPodTerminated checks if pod is terminated

func NewSafeFormatAndMountFromHost added in v1.8.0

func NewSafeFormatAndMountFromHost(pluginName string, host volume.VolumeHost) *mount.SafeFormatAndMount

NewSafeFormatAndMountFromHost creates a new SafeFormatAndMount with Mounter and Exec taken from given VolumeHost.

func SplitUniqueName added in v1.7.0

func SplitUniqueName(uniqueName v1.UniqueVolumeName) (string, string, error)

SplitUniqueName splits the unique name to plugin name and volume name strings. It expects the uniqueName to follow the fromat plugin_name/volume_name and the plugin name must be namespaced as descibed by the plugin interface, i.e. namespace/plugin containing exactly one '/'. This means the unique name will always be in the form of plugin_namespace/plugin/volume_name, see k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/plugins.go VolumePlugin interface description and pkg/volume/util/volumehelper/volumehelper.go GetUniqueVolumeNameFromSpec that constructs the unique volume names.


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