This repository contains functions to be consumed by various Kubernetes and out-of-tree CSI components like external provisioner to facilitate migration of code from Kubernetes In-tree plugin code to CSI plugin repositories.

Consumers of this repository can make use of functions like TranslateToCSI and TranslateToInTree functions to translate PV sources.

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func GetCSINameFromInTreeName

func GetCSINameFromInTreeName(pluginName string) (string, error)

    GetCSINameFromInTreeName returns the name of a CSI driver that supersedes the in-tree plugin with the given name

    func GetInTreeNameFromCSIName

    func GetInTreeNameFromCSIName(pluginName string) (string, error)

      GetInTreeNameFromCSIName returns the name of the in-tree plugin superseded by a CSI driver with the given name

      func GetInTreePluginNameFromSpec

      func GetInTreePluginNameFromSpec(pv *v1.PersistentVolume, vol *v1.Volume) (string, error)

        GetInTreePluginNameFromSpec returns the plugin name

        func IsInlineMigratable

        func IsInlineMigratable(vol *v1.Volume) bool

          IsInlineMigratable tests whether there is Migration logic for the given Inline Volume

          func IsMigratableIntreePluginByName

          func IsMigratableIntreePluginByName(inTreePluginName string) bool

            IsMigratableIntreePluginByName tests whether there is migration logic for the in-tree plugin whose name matches the given name

            func IsMigratedCSIDriverByName

            func IsMigratedCSIDriverByName(csiPluginName string) bool

              IsMigratedCSIDriverByName tests whether there exists an in-tree plugin with logic to migrate to the CSI driver with given name

              func IsPVMigratable

              func IsPVMigratable(pv *v1.PersistentVolume) bool

                IsPVMigratable tests whether there is migration logic for the given Persistent Volume

                func TranslateCSIPVToInTree

                func TranslateCSIPVToInTree(pv *v1.PersistentVolume) (*v1.PersistentVolume, error)

                  TranslateCSIPVToInTree takes a PV with a CSI PersistentVolume Source and will translate it to a in-tree Persistent Volume Source for the specific in-tree volume specified by the `Driver` field in the CSI Source. The input PV object will not be modified.

                  func TranslateInTreePVToCSI

                  func TranslateInTreePVToCSI(pv *v1.PersistentVolume) (*v1.PersistentVolume, error)

                    TranslateInTreePVToCSI takes a persistent volume and will translate the in-tree source to a CSI Source if the translation logic has been implemented. The input persistent volume will not be modified

                    func TranslateInTreeStorageClassParametersToCSI

                    func TranslateInTreeStorageClassParametersToCSI(inTreePluginName string, scParameters map[string]string) (map[string]string, error)

                      TranslateInTreeStorageClassParametersToCSI takes in-tree storage class parameters and translates them to a set of parameters consumable by CSI plugin


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