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package e2e

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Published: Jun 26, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func AfterSuiteActions

func AfterSuiteActions()

AfterSuiteActions are actions that are run on ginkgo's SynchronizedAfterSuite

func CleanupSuite

func CleanupSuite()

CleanupSuite is the boilerplate that can be used after tests on ginkgo were run, on the SynchronizedAfterSuite step. Similar to SynchronizedBeforeSuite, we want to run some operations only once (such as collecting cluster logs). Here, the order of functions is reversed; first, the function which runs everywhere, and then the function that only runs on the first Ginkgo node.

func RunE2ETests

func RunE2ETests(t *testing.T)

RunE2ETests checks configuration parameters (specified through flags) and then runs E2E tests using the Ginkgo runner. If a "report directory" is specified, one or more JUnit test reports will be generated in this directory, and cluster logs will also be saved. This function is called on each Ginkgo node in parallel mode.

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