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Published: Jul 15, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


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func NewCloseWaitClient

func NewCloseWaitClient() common.Runner

NewCloseWaitClient creates a new runner

func NewCloseWaitServer

func NewCloseWaitServer() common.Runner

NewCloseWaitServer returns a new Runner.

type CloseWaitClientOptions

type CloseWaitClientOptions struct {
	// RemoteAddr of the server to connect to.
	RemoteAddr string
	// TimeoutSeconds on I/O with the server.
	TimeoutSeconds int
	// Half-close timeout (to give the test time to check the status of the
	// conntrack table entry.
	PostFinTimeoutSeconds int
	// Leak connection (assign to global variable so connection persists
	// as long as the process remains.
	LeakConnection bool

CloseWaitClientOptions holds client JSON options.

type CloseWaitServerOptions

type CloseWaitServerOptions struct {
	// Address to bind for the test
	LocalAddr string
	// Timeout to wait after sending the FIN.
	PostFinTimeoutSeconds int

CloseWaitServerOptions holds server JSON options.

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