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package crd

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type CleanCrdFn

type CleanCrdFn func() error

CleanCrdFn declares the clean up function needed to remove the CRD

type Option

type Option func(crd *apiextensionsv1.CustomResourceDefinition)

Option is a modifier for a CRD object used to customize CreateMultiVersionTestCRD and CreateTestCRD.

type TestCrd

type TestCrd struct {
	APIExtensionClient *crdclientset.Clientset
	Crd                *apiextensionsv1.CustomResourceDefinition
	DynamicClients     map[string]dynamic.ResourceInterface
	CleanUp            CleanCrdFn

TestCrd holds all the pieces needed to test with the CRD

func CreateMultiVersionTestCRD

func CreateMultiVersionTestCRD(f *framework.Framework, group string, opts ...Option) (*TestCrd, error)

CreateMultiVersionTestCRD creates a new CRD specifically for the calling test.

func CreateTestCRD

func CreateTestCRD(f *framework.Framework, opts ...Option) (*TestCrd, error)

CreateTestCRD creates a new CRD specifically for the calling test.

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