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func ObjectDiff

func ObjectDiff(a, b interface{}) string

    ObjectDiff writes the two objects out as JSON and prints out the identical part of the objects followed by the remaining part of 'a' and finally the remaining part of 'b'. For debugging tests.

    func ObjectGoPrintDiff

    func ObjectGoPrintDiff(a, b interface{}) string

      ObjectGoPrintDiff is like ObjectDiff, but uses go-spew to print the objects, which shows absolutely everything by recursing into every single pointer (go's %#v formatters OTOH stop at a certain point). This is needed when you can't figure out why reflect.DeepEqual is returning false and nothing is showing you differences. This will.

      func ObjectGoPrintSideBySide

      func ObjectGoPrintSideBySide(a, b interface{}) string

        ObjectGoPrintSideBySide prints a and b as textual dumps side by side, enabling easy visual scanning for mismatches.

        func ObjectReflectDiff

        func ObjectReflectDiff(a, b interface{}) string

        func StringDiff

        func StringDiff(a, b string) string

          StringDiff diffs a and b and returns a human readable diff.


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