Package stats handles exporting Kubelet and container stats. NOTE: We intend to move this functionality into a standalone pod, so this package should be very loosely coupled to the rest of the Kubelet.



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func CreateHandlers

func CreateHandlers(rootPath string, provider Provider, summaryProvider SummaryProvider, enableCAdvisorJSONEndpoints bool) *restful.WebService

CreateHandlers creates the REST handlers for the stats.

func NewPrometheusResourceMetricCollector

func NewPrometheusResourceMetricCollector(provider SummaryProvider, config ResourceMetricsConfig) metrics.StableCollector

NewPrometheusResourceMetricCollector returns a metrics.StableCollector which exports resource metrics


type ContainerResourceMetric

type ContainerResourceMetric struct {
	Desc    *metrics.Desc
	ValueFn func(stats.ContainerStats) (*float64, time.Time)

ContainerResourceMetric describes a metric for containers

type NodeResourceMetric

type NodeResourceMetric struct {
	Desc    *metrics.Desc
	ValueFn func(stats.NodeStats) (*float64, time.Time)

NodeResourceMetric describes a metric for the node

type PodVolumeStats

type PodVolumeStats struct {
	EphemeralVolumes  []stats.VolumeStats
	PersistentVolumes []stats.VolumeStats

PodVolumeStats encapsulates the VolumeStats for a pod. It consists of two lists, for local ephemeral volumes, and for persistent volumes respectively.

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	// The following stats are provided by either CRI or cAdvisor.
	// ListPodStats returns the stats of all the containers managed by pods.
	ListPodStats() ([]statsapi.PodStats, error)
	// ListPodStatsAndUpdateCPUNanoCoreUsage updates the cpu nano core usage for
	// the containers and returns the stats for all the pod-managed containers.
	ListPodCPUAndMemoryStats() ([]statsapi.PodStats, error)
	// ListPodStatsAndUpdateCPUNanoCoreUsage returns the stats of all the
	// containers managed by pods and force update the cpu usageNanoCores.
	// This is a workaround for CRI runtimes that do not integrate with
	// cadvisor. See
	// for more details.
	ListPodStatsAndUpdateCPUNanoCoreUsage() ([]statsapi.PodStats, error)
	// ImageFsStats returns the stats of the image filesystem.
	ImageFsStats() (*statsapi.FsStats, error)

	// The following stats are provided by cAdvisor.
	// GetCgroupStats returns the stats and the networking usage of the cgroup
	// with the specified cgroupName.
	GetCgroupStats(cgroupName string, updateStats bool) (*statsapi.ContainerStats, *statsapi.NetworkStats, error)
	// GetCgroupCPUAndMemoryStats returns the CPU and memory stats of the cgroup with the specified cgroupName.
	GetCgroupCPUAndMemoryStats(cgroupName string, updateStats bool) (*statsapi.ContainerStats, error)

	// RootFsStats returns the stats of the node root filesystem.
	RootFsStats() (*statsapi.FsStats, error)

	// The following stats are provided by cAdvisor for legacy usage.
	// GetContainerInfo returns the information of the container with the
	// containerName managed by the pod with the uid.
	GetContainerInfo(podFullName string, uid types.UID, containerName string, req *cadvisorapi.ContainerInfoRequest) (*cadvisorapi.ContainerInfo, error)
	// GetRawContainerInfo returns the information of the container with the
	// containerName. If subcontainers is true, this function will return the
	// information of all the sub-containers as well.
	GetRawContainerInfo(containerName string, req *cadvisorapi.ContainerInfoRequest, subcontainers bool) (map[string]*cadvisorapi.ContainerInfo, error)

	// The following information is provided by Kubelet.
	// GetPodByName returns the spec of the pod with the name in the specified
	// namespace.
	GetPodByName(namespace, name string) (*v1.Pod, bool)
	// GetNode returns the spec of the local node.
	GetNode() (*v1.Node, error)
	// GetNodeConfig returns the configuration of the local node.
	GetNodeConfig() cm.NodeConfig
	// ListVolumesForPod returns the stats of the volume used by the pod with
	// the podUID.
	ListVolumesForPod(podUID types.UID) (map[string]volume.Volume, bool)
	// GetPods returns the specs of all the pods running on this node.
	GetPods() []*v1.Pod

	// RlimitStats returns the rlimit stats of system.
	RlimitStats() (*statsapi.RlimitStats, error)

	// GetPodCgroupRoot returns the literal cgroupfs value for the cgroup containing all pods
	GetPodCgroupRoot() string

	// GetPodByCgroupfs provides the pod that maps to the specified cgroup literal, as well
	// as whether the pod was found.
	GetPodByCgroupfs(cgroupfs string) (*v1.Pod, bool)

Provider hosts methods required by stats handlers.

type ResourceAnalyzer

type ResourceAnalyzer interface {

	// contains filtered or unexported methods

ResourceAnalyzer provides statistics on node resource consumption

func NewResourceAnalyzer

func NewResourceAnalyzer(statsProvider Provider, calVolumeFrequency time.Duration) ResourceAnalyzer

NewResourceAnalyzer returns a new ResourceAnalyzer

type ResourceMetricsConfig

type ResourceMetricsConfig struct {
	NodeMetrics      []NodeResourceMetric
	ContainerMetrics []ContainerResourceMetric

ResourceMetricsConfig specifies which metrics to collect and export

type SummaryProvider

type SummaryProvider interface {
	// Get provides a new Summary with the stats from Kubelet,
	// and will update some stats if updateStats is true
	Get(updateStats bool) (*statsapi.Summary, error)
	// GetCPUAndMemoryStats provides a new Summary with the CPU and memory stats from Kubelet,
	GetCPUAndMemoryStats() (*statsapi.Summary, error)

SummaryProvider provides summaries of the stats from Kubelet.

func NewSummaryProvider

func NewSummaryProvider(statsProvider Provider) SummaryProvider

NewSummaryProvider returns a SummaryProvider using the stats provided by the specified statsProvider.


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