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type FakeVolumeManager

type FakeVolumeManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeVolumeManager is a test implementation that just tracks calls

func NewFakeVolumeManager

func NewFakeVolumeManager(initialVolumes []v1.UniqueVolumeName) *FakeVolumeManager

NewFakeVolumeManager creates a new VolumeManager test instance

func (*FakeVolumeManager) GetExtraSupplementalGroupsForPod

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) GetExtraSupplementalGroupsForPod(pod *v1.Pod) []int64

GetExtraSupplementalGroupsForPod is not implemented

func (*FakeVolumeManager) GetMountedVolumesForPod

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) GetMountedVolumesForPod(podName types.UniquePodName) container.VolumeMap

GetMountedVolumesForPod is not implemented

func (*FakeVolumeManager) GetVolumesInUse

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) GetVolumesInUse() []v1.UniqueVolumeName

GetVolumesInUse returns a list of the initial volumes

func (*FakeVolumeManager) GetVolumesReportedInUse

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) GetVolumesReportedInUse() []v1.UniqueVolumeName

GetVolumesReportedInUse is a test function only that returns a list of volumes from the reportedInUse map

func (*FakeVolumeManager) MarkVolumesAsReportedInUse

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) MarkVolumesAsReportedInUse(volumesReportedAsInUse []v1.UniqueVolumeName)

MarkVolumesAsReportedInUse adds the given volumes to the reportedInUse map

func (*FakeVolumeManager) ReconcilerStatesHasBeenSynced

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) ReconcilerStatesHasBeenSynced() bool

ReconcilerStatesHasBeenSynced is not implemented

func (*FakeVolumeManager) Run

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) Run(sourcesReady config.SourcesReady, stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run is not implemented

func (*FakeVolumeManager) VolumeIsAttached

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) VolumeIsAttached(volumeName v1.UniqueVolumeName) bool

VolumeIsAttached is not implemented

func (*FakeVolumeManager) WaitForAttachAndMount

func (f *FakeVolumeManager) WaitForAttachAndMount(pod *v1.Pod) error

WaitForAttachAndMount is not implemented

type VolumeManager

type VolumeManager interface {
	// Starts the volume manager and all the asynchronous loops that it controls
	Run(sourcesReady config.SourcesReady, stopCh <-chan struct{})

	// WaitForAttachAndMount processes the volumes referenced in the specified
	// pod and blocks until they are all attached and mounted (reflected in
	// actual state of the world).
	// An error is returned if all volumes are not attached and mounted within
	// the duration defined in podAttachAndMountTimeout.
	WaitForAttachAndMount(pod *v1.Pod) error

	// GetMountedVolumesForPod returns a VolumeMap containing the volumes
	// referenced by the specified pod that are successfully attached and
	// mounted. The key in the map is the OuterVolumeSpecName (i.e.
	// pod.Spec.Volumes[x].Name). It returns an empty VolumeMap if pod has no
	// volumes.
	GetMountedVolumesForPod(podName types.UniquePodName) container.VolumeMap

	// GetExtraSupplementalGroupsForPod returns a list of the extra
	// supplemental groups for the Pod. These extra supplemental groups come
	// from annotations on persistent volumes that the pod depends on.
	GetExtraSupplementalGroupsForPod(pod *v1.Pod) []int64

	// GetVolumesInUse returns a list of all volumes that implement the volume.Attacher
	// interface and are currently in use according to the actual and desired
	// state of the world caches. A volume is considered "in use" as soon as it
	// is added to the desired state of world, indicating it *should* be
	// attached to this node and remains "in use" until it is removed from both
	// the desired state of the world and the actual state of the world, or it
	// has been unmounted (as indicated in actual state of world).
	GetVolumesInUse() []v1.UniqueVolumeName

	// ReconcilerStatesHasBeenSynced returns true only after the actual states in reconciler
	// has been synced at least once after kubelet starts so that it is safe to update mounted
	// volume list retrieved from actual state.
	ReconcilerStatesHasBeenSynced() bool

	// VolumeIsAttached returns true if the given volume is attached to this
	// node.
	VolumeIsAttached(volumeName v1.UniqueVolumeName) bool

	// Marks the specified volume as having successfully been reported as "in
	// use" in the nodes's volume status.
	MarkVolumesAsReportedInUse(volumesReportedAsInUse []v1.UniqueVolumeName)

VolumeManager runs a set of asynchronous loops that figure out which volumes need to be attached/mounted/unmounted/detached based on the pods scheduled on this node and makes it so.

func NewVolumeManager

func NewVolumeManager(
	controllerAttachDetachEnabled bool,
	nodeName k8stypes.NodeName,
	podManager pod.Manager,
	podStatusProvider status.PodStatusProvider,
	kubeClient clientset.Interface,
	volumePluginMgr *volume.VolumePluginMgr,
	kubeContainerRuntime container.Runtime,
	mounter mount.Interface,
	hostutil hostutil.HostUtils,
	kubeletPodsDir string,
	recorder record.EventRecorder,
	checkNodeCapabilitiesBeforeMount bool,
	keepTerminatedPodVolumes bool,
	blockVolumePathHandler volumepathhandler.BlockVolumePathHandler) VolumeManager

NewVolumeManager returns a new concrete instance implementing the VolumeManager interface.

kubeClient - kubeClient is the kube API client used by DesiredStateOfWorldPopulator

to communicate with the API server to fetch PV and PVC objects

volumePluginMgr - the volume plugin manager used to access volume plugins.

Must be pre-initialized.


Path Synopsis
cache Package cache implements data structures used by the kubelet volume manager to keep track of attached volumes and the pods that mounted them.
populator Package populator implements interfaces that monitor and keep the states of the caches in sync with the "ground truth".
reconciler Package reconciler implements interfaces that attempt to reconcile the desired state of the world with the actual state of the world by triggering relevant actions (attach, detach, mount, unmount).