Package goroutinemap implements a data structure for managing go routines by name. It prevents the creation of new go routines if an existing go routine with the same name exists.



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func IsAlreadyExists

func IsAlreadyExists(err error) bool

IsAlreadyExists returns true if an error returned from GoRoutineMap indicates a new operation can not be started because an operation with the same operation name is already executing.

func NewAlreadyExistsError

func NewAlreadyExistsError(operationName string) error

NewAlreadyExistsError returns a new instance of AlreadyExists error.


type GoRoutineMap

type GoRoutineMap interface {
	// Run adds operation name to the list of running operations and spawns a
	// new go routine to execute the operation.
	// If an operation with the same operation name already exists, an
	// AlreadyExists or ExponentialBackoff error is returned.
	// Once the operation is complete, the go routine is terminated and the
	// operation name is removed from the list of executing operations allowing
	// a new operation to be started with the same operation name without error.
	Run(operationName string, operationFunc func() error) error

	// Wait blocks until operations map is empty. This is typically
	// necessary during tests - the test should wait until all operations finish
	// and evaluate results after that.

	// WaitForCompletion blocks until either all operations have successfully completed
	// or have failed but are not pending. The test should wait until operations are either
	// complete or have failed.

	// IsOperationPending returns true if the operation is pending (currently
	// running), otherwise returns false.
	IsOperationPending(operationName string) bool

GoRoutineMap defines a type that can run named goroutines and track their state. It prevents the creation of multiple goroutines with the same name and may prevent recreation of a goroutine until after the a backoff time has elapsed after the last goroutine with that name finished.

func NewGoRoutineMap

func NewGoRoutineMap(exponentialBackOffOnError bool) GoRoutineMap

NewGoRoutineMap returns a new instance of GoRoutineMap.

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exponentialbackoff Package exponentialbackoff contains logic for implementing exponential backoff for GoRoutineMap and NestedPendingOperations.