Package store hosts a Store interface and its implementations.



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    var (
    	// ErrKeyNotFound is the error returned if key is not found in Store.
    	ErrKeyNotFound = fmt.Errorf("key is not found")


    func ValidateKey

    func ValidateKey(key string) error

      ValidateKey returns an error if the given key does not meet the requirement of the key format and length.


      type FileStore

      type FileStore struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        FileStore is an implementation of the Store interface which stores data in files.

        func (*FileStore) Delete

        func (f *FileStore) Delete(key string) error

          Delete deletes the key file.

          func (*FileStore) List

          func (f *FileStore) List() ([]string, error)

            List returns all keys in the store.

            func (*FileStore) Read

            func (f *FileStore) Read(key string) ([]byte, error)

              Read reads the data from the file named key.

              func (*FileStore) Write

              func (f *FileStore) Write(key string, data []byte) error

                Write writes the given data to a file named key.

                type Store

                type Store interface {
                	// key must contain one or more characters in [A-Za-z0-9]
                	// Write writes data with key.
                	Write(key string, data []byte) error
                	// Read retrieves data with key
                	// Read must return ErrKeyNotFound if key is not found.
                	Read(key string) ([]byte, error)
                	// Delete deletes data by key
                	// Delete must not return error if key does not exist
                	Delete(key string) error
                	// List lists all existing keys.
                	List() ([]string, error)

                  Store provides the interface for storing keyed data. Store must be thread-safe

                  func NewFileStore

                  func NewFileStore(path string, fs utilfs.Filesystem) (Store, error)

                    NewFileStore returns an instance of FileStore.