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func GetLoadBalancerSourceRanges

func GetLoadBalancerSourceRanges(service *v1.Service) (utilnet.IPNetSet, error)

    GetLoadBalancerSourceRanges first try to parse and verify LoadBalancerSourceRanges field from a service. If the field is not specified, turn to parse and verify the AnnotationLoadBalancerSourceRangesKey annotation from a service, extracting the source ranges to allow, and if not present returns a default (allow-all) value.

    func GetServiceHealthCheckPathPort

    func GetServiceHealthCheckPathPort(service *v1.Service) (string, int32)

      GetServiceHealthCheckPathPort returns the path and nodePort programmed into the Cloud LB Health Check

      func IsAllowAll

      func IsAllowAll(ipnets utilnet.IPNetSet) bool

        IsAllowAll checks whether the utilnet.IPNet allows traffic from

        func NeedsHealthCheck

        func NeedsHealthCheck(service *v1.Service) bool

          NeedsHealthCheck checks if service needs health check.

          func RequestsOnlyLocalTraffic

          func RequestsOnlyLocalTraffic(service *v1.Service) bool

            RequestsOnlyLocalTraffic checks if service requests OnlyLocal traffic.


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