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Package options contains flags and options for initializing an apiserver



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func AddCustomGlobalFlags added in v1.13.0

func AddCustomGlobalFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddCustomGlobalFlags explicitly registers flags that internal packages register against the global flagsets from "flag". We do this in order to prevent unwanted flags from leaking into the kube-apiserver's flagset.


type ServerRunOptions added in v1.5.0

type ServerRunOptions struct {
	GenericServerRunOptions *genericoptions.ServerRunOptions
	Etcd                    *genericoptions.EtcdOptions
	SecureServing           *genericoptions.SecureServingOptionsWithLoopback
	Audit                   *genericoptions.AuditOptions
	Features                *genericoptions.FeatureOptions
	Admission               *kubeoptions.AdmissionOptions
	Authentication          *kubeoptions.BuiltInAuthenticationOptions
	Authorization           *kubeoptions.BuiltInAuthorizationOptions
	CloudProvider           *kubeoptions.CloudProviderOptions
	APIEnablement           *genericoptions.APIEnablementOptions
	EgressSelector          *genericoptions.EgressSelectorOptions
	Metrics                 *metrics.Options
	Logs                    *logs.Options
	Traces                  *genericoptions.TracingOptions

	AllowPrivileged           bool
	EnableLogsHandler         bool
	EventTTL                  time.Duration
	KubeletConfig             kubeletclient.KubeletClientConfig
	KubernetesServiceNodePort int
	MaxConnectionBytesPerSec  int64
	// ServiceClusterIPRange is mapped to input provided by user
	ServiceClusterIPRanges string
	// PrimaryServiceClusterIPRange and SecondaryServiceClusterIPRange are the results
	// of parsing ServiceClusterIPRange into actual values
	PrimaryServiceClusterIPRange   net.IPNet
	SecondaryServiceClusterIPRange net.IPNet
	// APIServerServiceIP is the first valid IP from PrimaryServiceClusterIPRange
	APIServerServiceIP net.IP

	ServiceNodePortRange utilnet.PortRange

	ProxyClientCertFile string
	ProxyClientKeyFile  string

	EnableAggregatorRouting             bool
	AggregatorRejectForwardingRedirects bool

	MasterCount            int
	EndpointReconcilerType string

	ServiceAccountSigningKeyFile     string
	ServiceAccountIssuer             serviceaccount.TokenGenerator
	ServiceAccountTokenMaxExpiration time.Duration

	ShowHiddenMetricsForVersion string

ServerRunOptions runs a kubernetes api server.

func NewServerRunOptions added in v1.5.0

func NewServerRunOptions() *ServerRunOptions

NewServerRunOptions creates a new ServerRunOptions object with default parameters

func (*ServerRunOptions) Flags added in v1.12.0

func (s *ServerRunOptions) Flags() (fss cliflag.NamedFlagSets)

Flags returns flags for a specific APIServer by section name

func (*ServerRunOptions) Validate added in v1.6.0

func (s *ServerRunOptions) Validate() []error

Validate checks ServerRunOptions and return a slice of found errs.

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