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Package downwardapi declares the types used to expose job configuration to the jobs themselves



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const (

	// JobSpecEnv is the name that contains JobSpec marshaled into a string.
	JobSpecEnv = "JOB_SPEC"


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func EnvForSpec

func EnvForSpec(spec JobSpec) (map[string]string, error)

EnvForSpec returns a mapping of environment variables to their values that should be available for a job spec

func EnvForType

func EnvForType(jobType prowapi.ProwJobType) []string

EnvForType returns the slice of environment variables to export for jobType

func GetRevisionFromSpec

func GetRevisionFromSpec(spec *JobSpec) string

GetRevisionFromSpec returns a main ref or sha from a spec object


type JobSpec

type JobSpec struct {
	Type      prowapi.ProwJobType `json:"type,omitempty"`
	Job       string              `json:"job,omitempty"`
	BuildID   string              `json:"buildid,omitempty"`
	ProwJobID string              `json:"prowjobid,omitempty"`

	// refs & extra_refs from the full spec
	Refs      *prowapi.Refs  `json:"refs,omitempty"`
	ExtraRefs []prowapi.Refs `json:"extra_refs,omitempty"`

	DecorationConfig *prowapi.DecorationConfig `json:"decoration_config,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

JobSpec is the full downward API that we expose to jobs that realize a ProwJob. We will provide this data to jobs with environment variables in two ways:

- the full spec, in serialized JSON in one variable
- individual fields of the spec in their own variables

func NewJobSpec

func NewJobSpec(spec prowapi.ProwJobSpec, buildID, prowJobID string) JobSpec

NewJobSpec converts a prowapi.ProwJobSpec invocation into a JobSpec

func ResolveSpecFromEnv

func ResolveSpecFromEnv() (*JobSpec, error)

ResolveSpecFromEnv will determine the Refs being tested in by parsing Prow environment variable contents

func (*JobSpec) MainRefs

func (s *JobSpec) MainRefs() *prowapi.Refs

MainRefs determines the main refs under test, if there are any

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