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const (
	// EventArrivalTime is used to access the metadata stored on a
	// CloudEvent to measure the time difference between when an events is
	// received on a broker and before it is dispatched to the trigger function.
	// The format is an RFC3339 time in string format. For example: 2019-08-26T23:38:17.834384404Z.
	EventArrivalTime = "knativearrivaltime"

	// LabelUniqueName is the label for the unique name per stats_reporter instance.
	LabelUniqueName = "unique_name"

	// LabelContainerName is the label for the immutable name of the container.
	LabelContainerName = metrics.LabelContainerName
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const (
	// TTLAttribute is the name of the CloudEvents extension attribute used to store the
	// Broker's TTL (number of times a single events can reply through a Broker continuously). All
	// interactions with the attribute should be done through the GetTTL and SetTTL functions.
	TTLAttribute = "knativebrokerttl"


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var (
	ContainerTagKey = tag.MustNewKey(LabelContainerName)
	UniqueTagKey    = tag.MustNewKey(LabelUniqueName)


func DeleteTTL added in v0.10.2

func DeleteTTL(ctx cloudevents.EventContext) error

DeleteTTL removes the TTL CE extension attribute

func GetTTL added in v0.6.1

func GetTTL(ctx cloudevents.EventContext) (int32, error)

GetTTL finds the TTL in the EventContext using a case insensitive comparison for the key. The second return param, is the case preserved key that matched. Depending on the encoding/transport, the extension case could be changed.

func SetTTL

func SetTTL(ctx cloudevents.EventContext, ttl int32) error

SetTTL sets the TTL into the EventContext. ttl should be a positive integer.

func TTLDefaulter added in v0.12.0

func TTLDefaulter(logger *zap.Logger, defaultTTL int32) client.EventDefaulter

TTLDefaulter returns a cloudevents events defaulter that will manage the TTL for events with the following rules:

If TTL is not found, it will set it to the default passed in.
If TTL is <= 0, it will remain 0.
If TTL is > 1, it will be reduced by one.


type ErrExtensionInfo added in v0.36.0

type ErrExtensionInfo struct {
	ErrDestination  *apis.URL `json:"errdestination"`
	ErrResponseBody []byte    `json:"errresponsebody"`

ErrExtensionInfo struct store the broker-filter's destination and responsebody


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