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Package resolver implements resolvers for resolving k8s references and URIs.



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type RefResolverFunc

type RefResolverFunc func(ctx context.Context, ref *corev1.ObjectReference) (bool, *apis.URL, error)

RefResolverFunc resolves ObjectReferences into a URI. It returns true when it handled the reference, in which case it also returns the resolved URI or an error.

type URIResolver

type URIResolver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

URIResolver resolves Destinations and ObjectReferences into a URI.

func NewURIResolverFromTracker

func NewURIResolverFromTracker(ctx context.Context, t tracker.Interface, resolvers ...RefResolverFunc) *URIResolver

NewURIResolverFromTracker constructs a new URIResolver with context, a tracker and an optional list of custom resolvers.

func (*URIResolver) URIFromDestination

func (r *URIResolver) URIFromDestination(ctx context.Context, dest duckv1beta1.Destination, parent interface{}) (string, error)

URIFromDestination resolves a v1beta1.Destination into a URI string.

func (*URIResolver) URIFromDestinationV1

func (r *URIResolver) URIFromDestinationV1(ctx context.Context, dest duckv1.Destination, parent interface{}) (*apis.URL, error)

URIFromDestinationV1 resolves a v1.Destination into a URL.

func (*URIResolver) URIFromKReference

func (r *URIResolver) URIFromKReference(ctx context.Context, ref *duckv1.KReference, parent interface{}) (*apis.URL, error)

func (*URIResolver) URIFromObjectReference

func (r *URIResolver) URIFromObjectReference(ctx context.Context, ref *corev1.ObjectReference, parent interface{}) (*apis.URL, error)

URIFromObjectReference resolves an ObjectReference to a URI string.

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