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type FakeGithubClient

type FakeGithubClient struct {
	User         *github.User
	Repos        []string
	Issues       map[string]map[int]*github.Issue       // map of repo: map of issueNumber: issues
	Comments     map[int]map[int64]*github.IssueComment // map of issueNumber: map of commentID: comments
	PullRequests map[string]map[int]*github.PullRequest // map of repo: map of PullRequest Number: pullrequests
	PRCommits    map[int][]*github.RepositoryCommit     // map of PR number: slice of commits
	CommitFiles  map[string][]*github.CommitFile        // map of commit SHA: slice of files
	Branches     map[string][]*github.Branch            // map of repo: branches

	NextNumber int    // number to be assigned to next newly created issue/comment
	BaseURL    string // base URL of Github

    FakeGithubClient is a faked client, implements all functions of ghutil.GithubOperations

    func NewFakeGithubClient

    func NewFakeGithubClient() *FakeGithubClient

      NewFakeGithubClient creates a FakeGithubClient and initialize it's maps

      func (*FakeGithubClient) AddCommitToPullRequest

      func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) AddCommitToPullRequest(org, repo string, ID int, SHA string) error

        AddCommitToPullRequest adds commit to pullrequest This is complementary of mocking CreatePullRequest, so that newly created pull request can have commits

        func (*FakeGithubClient) AddFileToCommit

        func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) AddFileToCommit(org, repo, SHA, filename, patch string) error

          AddFileToCommit adds file to commit This is complementary of mocking CreatePullRequest, so that newly created pull request can have files

          func (*FakeGithubClient) AddLabelsToIssue

          func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) AddLabelsToIssue(org, repo string, issueNumber int, labels []string) error

            AddLabelsToIssue adds label on issue

            func (*FakeGithubClient) CloseIssue

            func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) CloseIssue(org, repo string, issueNumber int) error

              CloseIssue closes issue

              func (*FakeGithubClient) CreateComment

              func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) CreateComment(org, repo string, issueNumber int, commentBody string) (*github.IssueComment, error)

                CreateComment adds comment to issue

                func (*FakeGithubClient) CreateIssue

                func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) CreateIssue(org, repo, title, body string) (*github.Issue, error)

                  CreateIssue creates issue

                  func (*FakeGithubClient) CreatePullRequest

                  func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) CreatePullRequest(org, repo, head, base, title, body string) (*github.PullRequest, error)

                    CreatePullRequest creates PullRequest, passing head user and branch name "user:ref-name", and base branch name like "release-0.19"

                    func (*FakeGithubClient) DeleteComment

                    func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) DeleteComment(org, repo string, commentID int64) error

                      DeleteComment deletes comment from issue

                      func (*FakeGithubClient) EditComment

                      func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) EditComment(org, repo string, commentID int64, commentBody string) error

                        EditComment edits comment by replacing with provided comment

                        func (*FakeGithubClient) EditPullRequest

                        func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) EditPullRequest(org, repo string, ID int, title, body string) (*github.PullRequest, error)

                          EditPullRequest updates PullRequest

                          func (*FakeGithubClient) GetComment

                          func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) GetComment(org, repo string, commentID int64) (*github.IssueComment, error)

                            GetComment gets comment by comment ID

                            func (*FakeGithubClient) GetGithubUser

                            func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) GetGithubUser() (*github.User, error)

                              GetGithubUser gets current authenticated user

                              func (*FakeGithubClient) GetPullRequest

                              func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) GetPullRequest(org, repo string, ID int) (*github.PullRequest, error)

                                GetPullRequest gets PullRequest by ID

                                func (*FakeGithubClient) GetPullRequestByCommitID

                                func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) GetPullRequestByCommitID(org, repo string, commitID string) (*github.PullRequest, error)

                                  GetPullRequestByCommitID gets PullRequest by commit ID

                                  func (*FakeGithubClient) ListBranches

                                  func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ListBranches(org, repo string) ([]*github.Branch, error)

                                    ListBranches lists branchs for given repo

                                    func (*FakeGithubClient) ListComments

                                    func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ListComments(org, repo string, issueNumber int) ([]*github.IssueComment, error)

                                      ListComments gets all comments from issue

                                      func (*FakeGithubClient) ListCommits

                                      func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ListCommits(org, repo string, ID int) ([]*github.RepositoryCommit, error)

                                        ListCommits lists commits from a pull request

                                        func (*FakeGithubClient) ListFiles

                                        func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ListFiles(org, repo string, ID int) ([]*github.CommitFile, error)

                                          ListFiles lists files from a pull request

                                          func (*FakeGithubClient) ListIssuesByRepo

                                          func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ListIssuesByRepo(org, repo string, labels []string) ([]*github.Issue, error)

                                            ListIssuesByRepo lists issues within given repo, filters by labels if provided

                                            func (*FakeGithubClient) ListPullRequests

                                            func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ListPullRequests(org, repo, head, base string) ([]*github.PullRequest, error)

                                              ListPullRequests lists pull requests within given repo, filters by head user and branch name if provided as "user:ref-name", and by base name if provided, i.e. "release-0.19"

                                              func (*FakeGithubClient) ListRepos

                                              func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ListRepos(org string) ([]string, error)

                                                ListRepos lists repos under org

                                                func (*FakeGithubClient) RemoveLabelForIssue

                                                func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) RemoveLabelForIssue(org, repo string, issueNumber int, label string) error

                                                  RemoveLabelForIssue removes given label for issue

                                                  func (*FakeGithubClient) ReopenIssue

                                                  func (fgc *FakeGithubClient) ReopenIssue(org, repo string, issueNumber int) error

                                                    ReopenIssue reopen issue

                                                    Source Files