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const (
	// ConfigName is the name of the config map for mako options.
	ConfigName = "config-mako"


This section is empty.


func GetOrganization

func GetOrganization() string

    GetOrganization returns the organization from the configmap. It will return the defaultOrg if any error happens or it's empty.

    func GetRepository

    func GetRepository() string

      GetRepository returns the repository from the configmap. It will return an empty string if any error happens.

      func MustGetBenchmark

      func MustGetBenchmark() *mpb.BenchmarkInfo

        MustGetBenchmark wraps getBenchmark in log.Fatalf

        func MustGetTags

        func MustGetTags() []string

          MustGetTags returns the additional tags from the configmap, or dies.


          type Channel

          type Channel struct {
          	Name     string `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
          	Identity string `yaml:"identity,omitempty"`

            Channel contains Slack channel's info.

            func GetSlackChannels

            func GetSlackChannels(benchmarkName string) []Channel

              GetSlackChannels returns the slack channels to alert on for the given benchmark. If any error happens, or the config is not found, return the default channel.

              type Config

              type Config struct {
              	// Organization holds the name of the organization for the current repository.
              	Organization string
              	// Repository holds the name of the repository that runs the benchmarks.
              	Repository string
              	// Environment holds the name of the environment,
              	// where the test runs, e.g. `dev`.
              	Environment string
              	// List of additional tags to apply to the run.
              	AdditionalTags []string
              	// SlackConfig holds the slack configurations for the benchmarks,
              	// it's used to determine which slack channels to alert on if there is performance regression.
              	SlackConfig string

                Config defines the mako configuration options.

                func NewConfigFromConfigMap

                func NewConfigFromConfigMap(configMap *corev1.ConfigMap) (*Config, error)

                  NewConfigFromConfigMap creates a Config from the supplied ConfigMap

                  func NewConfigFromMap

                  func NewConfigFromMap(data map[string]string) (*Config, error)

                    NewConfigFromMap creates a Config from the supplied map

                    type SlackConfig

                    type SlackConfig struct {
                    	BenchmarkChannels map[string][]Channel `yaml:"benchmarkChannels,omitempty"`

                      SlackConfig contains slack configuration for the benchmarks.